and they just wanted to meet someone. There are still regular nice people who just want to go out on a date, meet someone with whom they may have something in common and see what develops. Am I a serial dater? NO. But I believe in giving a guy chance, and getting to know him. Some of these guys have become friends–I view that as a positive and worthwhile experience. Is there an asshole login there’s not a test to check if people are who they represent on the pic & if their intention is to meet a guy. It’s misrepresentation & deceitful. Oh yeah, Go Libertarians! The Dems & Pubs are full of shit. No more socialism! Reviewed By James Leftcoast USA Sex Male Rating ***** Date December 10, 2006 permalink Visit Friend Finder I’m giving Adultfrindfinder 3 stars because of the concept login RELATIONS” NOT UNDER “CONTACT US” OR “CUSTOMER SERVICE” ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF THE SCUMMY WAY THEY OPERATE. TO CALL AND COMPLAIN ABOUT HOW DECEPTIVE MATCH.COM IS CALL THE CUSTOMER “NO” SERVICE NUMBER 800-926-2824. ALSO E MAIL OR CALL THESE PEOPLE TO LET THEM KNOW ABOUT THE SCUMMY WAY MATCH.COM OPERATES. Liz Entwistle 214.576.9321 Kristin Kelly 214.576.9326 login the number of people on lava just like you…sorry but there is no honest caring women on lavalife. even offered lavalife the chance to prove me wrong take one month with unlimited contacts as they would not have to pay, they own it, and if you can pick up a hottie in one month without paying them, yes they tell you right up front it will cost you to be with them, i would give them double login