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relationship. Odd, because he is divorced just like I am. I tried to put a word in and quickly responded “Eileen your interupting me, I’m not done with my thought”. Yikes how rude can you get. I just want to say something and had to try to break into his speech. He is a good looking guy but has a lot of baggage (3 kids under 18) so he isn’t a great catch himself. I talked to another guy filled out a form online but changed my mind and did not complete the form. I did not submit and give OK the form at all. However, my phone number went through. Great Expectations began calling me anyway…I chose not to answer. After calling me for the 20th+ time…leaving messages that I did not return and then using different numbers and restricting the number, I finally answered the just not interested in never-married thirtysomething women with an infant baby who are looking for a new guy. One of women I met on this site, I drove over 45 minutes for our first date. She was extremely late for no good reason. Sucked to be me as I was stuck drinking Bud drafts by myself in some strange bar in a strange town. Once she showed up, it was okay but there wasn’t any second in really good shape or what us men would consider average(good body, just not Miss Fitness) Average: this means 30 to 40 pounds overwieght. Women who say they are average are actually fat. Slightly Overweight: This really means 60 to 80 pounds overwieght. BBW: BBW Glamour Shots: Watch out for these ones. Sure the shots are done artistically in balck and white or against some kind of background,


today who won’t meet me because I live 30 miles away. He has his own business so I know he could get time but he will not drive into the city. His date must live in his town (which he mentions is mostly married people) or meet him halfway. I would meet someone halfway for the first dates but would like to think that if I was dating someone they would have the manners to pick me up at my wwwAdultFriendFinder phone to put a stop to the calls. The woman on the other end would NOT take my “sorry, changed my mind” for an answer and proceeded to badger me with questions that I found very personal. I finally had to get angry and yell at her to just stop calling me. I found them to be very very pushy and I would never use a company like this! Shame on them!!!!!!! Reviewed By Delbert Houston Sex Male wwwAdultFriendFinder date after that. Met another woman on the site who made the first contact by sending me the first email. We ended up dating for a couple months. But the relationship was all physical and didn’t prove to be long-lasting. It’s hard to tell how many people on these sites are seriously interested in meeting someone, and how many are just on a fishing expedition. For men, you will probably get wwwAdultFriendFinder but the women never look that good. If the woman looks like an 8 out of ten, she is probably a 5 out of ten. However she looks in the glamout shot, minus that number by three. For me, I spent approx $60 Canadian. Went on dates with women who lied about their body type. Had some wasted dates, and had a few one night stands. Was it worth it, if I just wanted to get laid, then yes. But, I wanted wwwAdultFriendFinder

www AdultFrindFinder com

out all the profiles that show no activity within a week, or no activity for three-plus weeks. When I was paying Match to help me search for someone, be assured that I wasn’t checking in only once a week, let alone once a month! And, I found that many who are listed as active within a reasonable time–I consider “reasonable” to be three or fewer days for someone paying for a service–are www AdultFrindFinder com card and told me to look over some photos of some of the members. Then she ran my card and came in with a contract. She would not let me read it and kept distracting me. At the same time she was telling me where to sign or initial rushing through the paperwork. When I asked about certain paragraphs she would say don’t worry about that, it just means this or that, just initial it. She kept www AdultFrindFinder com e-mails I have sent out is like pulling teeth. I think that Match unfortunately has become a number’s game, and that the more attractive men on the site (the ones who I think I’m in the same league with (but apparently not), expect the picture of a supermodel. Otherwise, what you have written is not even read (at least that appears to be the case with me). Yes, there has to be a mutual physical www AdultFrindFinder com in Toronto) and if i don’t respond? it usually means i’m not interested and i have learned that responding even nicely only encourages the conversation i’m trying to avoid or maybe i’m busy..or tired…or just not paying as much attention as i should or maybe my kitchen just caught fire either way…i’ve met some wonderful people and some wonderfully strange people dated some,befriended www AdultFrindFinder com


non-paying members just passing through, checking out the scene and, as non-paying members, unable to answer any communication. The thing that most ticked me off with Match was its offer to inform me when my e-mails were read…for an added fee. That should have been part of the basic package. Perhaps Match doesn’t want to let its members know just how many messages are going unread (sent www.AdultFr telling me how good looking I was and that in no time I would meet a girl. She told me she would work with me and if I found a girl I was interested in she would contact that person to have her check me out, once again (BS). After a few months I started to call Stefanie, and was telling her that most of the Ladies that I would be interested in are all inactive, and the choices they had were www.AdultFr attraction, but it’s not as if I have found only a few men to be worthwhile to write to. I believe thatI have contacted guys numbering well into the hundreds during my experience with the site. My response rate was never high to begin with but it only continues to deterioriate. If I struggle to receive positive mutual interest on Match, I feel sorry for women who really struggle with weight www.AdultFr others, and some i would cross the street to avoid but i always try to play nice…perhaps that’s the secret Reviewed By Brad Phoenix, AZ Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 24, 2005 permalink Visit Lavalife I used to have such a hard time finding dates on and the blind dates were painful. I found a good website that will hook you up with someone in your area to go on a double-date www.AdultFr

to people who can’t respond because they’re not paying members??) without at least making a buck on the deal. Hey, at least Match does indicate the last time a member was on-line at the site, which some others do not do, but to be truly transparent and above board, Match needs also to indicate if the person you’re thinking of paying to contact is a paying member and able to respond. Not not to my choosing……She would tell me to pick some anyway , just to see what they say. I told her most of the women that I chose said no to me, and after a while I started to see the profiles I read did not match the person …….most of these women were looking for that chip- and dale type of guy, looks, body, and money. I did not have any of that…But Stefanie told me I would not issues or other things, as it seems that there odds of a positive connection are waning with the decline of the site. At any rate, I think I will be bringing my journey to a close soon. I feel that it is more likely for me to meet the ‘one’ off-line than on-line. I think Match could be effective in just meeting friends without any dating expectations, if you go into it with a very with. Me and my friend John went on a few double dates with women we met on and there was a lot less stress. The women seemed to feel safer too. The website also has this thing called Profile Overhauler. I haven’t done it yet, but I guess they write a profile for you using all of these marketing techniques that get your more dates. They also take these really good pictures. I might

Audlt Friend Finder

woman and reading a book I prefer to do the later. I have learned a lot from Match and so I am preparing to be a dateless bachelor for the rest of my life. My goal is to try to make myself happy without women. Reviewed By manhattan New York Sex Female Rating ***** Date January 24, 2007 permalink Visit I am a veteran at match, I have been there for about 3 years on and off. I am Audlt Friend Finder It is maybe a small consolation for all the people that got ripped by this service, but I have avoided joining in this scam thanks to Your reviews. I got highly suspicious when they asked me for over 2000 USD and wanted to push me to sign a contract without even read it or provide me a copy. So I refused to sign, took my time and checked online their reputation. Of course after reading this Audlt Friend Finder But I am looking to change my mindset by putting myself more out there in the real world. Fact is when you meet someone face to face in person in the real world, you’re initial thoughts are not does this person check a ‘box’ of Christian, are they this age, do they have kids, etc, do they like tacos, etc. You just take the person at face value – the way it should be. By the way, my handle Audlt Friend Finder waste of time, like watching paint dry.:) Reviewed By Major Tom Kelowna Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 01, 2005 permalink Visit Lavalife Gather around my fellow disheartened men. Some of us are below average, some of us are average, and some of us are good looking, yet we are all made to feel like the Elephant Man when sending out smiles, emails or whatever to the women that frequesnt Audlt Friend Finder


wishing to assist Match in its efforts to puff up the apparent size of its membership rolls, I took down my profile when I cancelled my paid membership; besides, by removing the profile, I could not inadvertantly suck someone into a wasted subscription trying to contact me. By the way, you’ll notice that I gave Match a 1-Star rating. Had there been a 0-Star selection, that’s what I’d have www.AdultFrien have any problems , within six months I would have my soul mate, ( ha,ha,ha) the jokes on me. When I told her (Stefanie) that I was going to sue them for discrimination, and false pretences she sort of laughed and said you can’t sue us read your contract. I have had many encounters with Stefanie regarding the selection of women, and when she got notice of me suing them, she sent me an email www.AdultFrien open mind and meet others with a similar mindset. I don’t like some of the negative aspects Match has brought out in me, and I think a well deserved break is in order. Time to get more out into the real world and let the chips fall where they may! Reviewed By David Seattle Sex Male Rating ***** Date April 21, 2006 permalink Visit Like any OD site, has it’s share of detractors. www.AdultFrien do it soon. Anyways, the website is Happy Dating! Reviewed By John Kelowna Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 23, 2005 permalink Visit Lavalife I decided to try out Lavalife because it worked well for a friend of mine. The Positives: It on;y costs 6 credits to do the intial mail message, but messages after that are free. Now the Negatvies: Fake Profiles: They send you a www.AdultFrien

Audult Friend Finder

42 and I think I had nearly 200 first dates out of match. The people who reviewed it with 1 star never tried any other website. It is true : people lie about their age, weight and even marital status. But it is not different in a bar! The good thing about match is that the number of active members has no comparison with any other website. They might lie, but they are real and active, while Audult Friend Finder reports I have decided against. I have also blocked my credit card (required as an ID) as I understand from some reports that sometime they run it without consent. However.. I have avoided being ripped, and You may be happy to know Great (?) expectations is 2000 USD less rich thanks to your advice! Reviewed By T. N. Hadd Dallas Sex Male Rating ***** Date April 15, 2010 permalink Visit Great Audult Friend Finder on, is myglassishalf, if anyone would like to see what I am about – you all can form you own opinions. Don’t know how much longer I’ll be keeping my profile up anyway. Reviewed By Funny West Coast Sex Male Rating ***** Date April 27, 2006 permalink Visit I find the review of Anonymousinthecity quite funny. She seems to think that Match is going downhill – but in actually Audult Friend Finder these sites. I have an interesting test I am doing to really illustrate the kind of women who joind these sites. No they aren’t like us. Why: Men join dating sites because we hate the stress of the bar scene and figured online dating would be a more straight forward way to meet women. Women join the dating services because either they are really too hideous or too fat to get date OR they Audult Friend Finder

given it instead. Of course, having read reviews of other sites, probably just about everything I said applies across the board. Reviewed By Eileen Texas Sex Female Rating ***** Date January 09, 2007 permalink Visit I have been on match for awhile now and have met some nice men although none of them seem to be interested in a real relationship or marriage. I have had many pleasant saying that one of the women was interested. This candidate was inactive but is available now. Stephanie continued to tell the interested candidate had said yes to me. Well I got to laugh on this one, ..I called this Lady, after calling her 4 times just to see if it was a scam, and sure a enough it was, that women never called me back. I paid $7995.00 for this service and now it is costing But out of the several sites I’ve used, I think it is one of the better ones. It seems to be one of the more “honest” sites – as far as giving a fair representation of the service you think you are buying. Secondly it seems to have more features than the others and is an easy-to-use site. I used it for two or three years – with several long lapses in my subscription – and they seemed to smile, you send one back, and then you spend six credits to contact them. Then nothing. Good0-bye credits Unrealistic women: Maybe this is just Kelowna and Vancouver, but the women on these sites are looking for the reformed bad buy turned good who is both rich and great looking. And these are from women who are from barely average to good looking. I am a pretty good looking guy but I am


in other websites there are either no matchesor they have cancelled their membership years ago. I live in Manhattan, 8.2 millions souls of which 75% are single… that a website has 5 members is ridiculous! Would you wonder, I am not paid my match, I simply wasted 100$ here or there trying other places like perfectmarch or matchmaker or yahoo personal so on so forth. Eharmony is the worse. AudultFriendFinder Expectations Please stay away from this fraudulant company. These people are scam artist and just want your money — and boy is it expensive. If you try other sites over, let’s say, 5 years, you may end up paying what it costs up front for this dating service. But who spends that much time looking for someone! I believe some offices actually closed down over the nation — Houston, I believe AudultFriendFinder its just her absurd pickyness that has left her single despite years on the service. I guess she is mad that the days of her recieving dozens of flattering emails every day are gone, and that the very best looking men on the site refuse to lower their standards and date somebody who is average looks. I think I hear the sound of the worlds smallest violin playing. What is a real shame is AudultFriendFinder are looking for to proverbial rich, goodlooking, successful modelisque businessman/doctor/lawyer/etc. So I wanted to do a test that would really prove this. I created two profiles. One profile is both accurately depicts who I am as a person with various recent pictures so women can see what I look like and am like. The other profile is fake. This profile is the stereotypical unrealistic AudultFriendFinder