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suck it up–there are still good women online who are looking for good men online. Reviewed By absolute truth Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 12, 2006 permalink Visit Free dating sites,for men are a night mare.Sooner or later a girl from another country will contact a man,or rather should I say a victim!Free dating sites are loaded with scammers from nigeria to russia!Or some AdultFriendrFinders search 18, 2006 permalink Visit Friend Finder Just want to use one word to describe FriendFinder and all of its profiles – FAKER. Most of their profiles are FAKE – Do not waste your time and money on this website. Lets look at the facts: Notice how USA profiles often spell words with English spelling, and vice-versa. eg Color / Colour etc. Look at Chinese or Russian profiles – wow!! hardly any AdultFriendrFinders search and cease with the B.S. You may not like what I’m about to express, and you may not agree with it…but I’m going to say it anyway, because 1) I don’t really care and 2) because some of you need to rethink the reasons for your presence on these online personals sites. A man once said that the TRUTH is not always palatable and should not always be told. Well, I’m going to offer my honest OPINION AdultFriendrFinders search in meeting again. If they ask me first, I am always honest about it, but tactful. 6. enjoy the date even though I may know right away it’s a no-go. Be a good listener – every single man I’ve met has had something worth saying. It’s a great learning experience – I’ve met all kinds of people I wouldn’t normally talk to. But most importantly, I leave my expectations at home. I, as well as everyone AdultFriendrFinders search