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educated men with good jobs are rejected on a very, very, VERY regular basis by women looking for attractive, funny, educated men with good jobs. Even more so, if you’re a male and you live in a mid-sized city like I do, GOOD LUCK. At least when I lived in ATL I would get 2-3 responses per 20 emails. Now that I’ve moved to a smaller city, it is almost impossible for me to get a response. AdultFriendrFinder es name of the site because that’s all you find there… A bunch of Fat, loser women, and a ton of drifty f@gs, and the motherload of desperate men. At the end, I realized that I was a loser for even being on that site, and I didn’t hesitate to delete my account. If you wanna call my run on that site lucky then so-be-it. I met 3 chuncky chicks on that site and had sex with AdultFriendrFinder es I’ve sent out about ten replies and got two responses but both bugged out on me. Ah, the beauty othe internet. A lot of work and I’m kind of burned out from it all after a week and a half of my one month subscription. So, I won’t be renewing it. I bought the email read feature which is a rip off. I live by a “three day rule” when replying to ads or responses but the only reason I paid for AdultFriendrFinder es needs as I had and that is exactly what the site is there for. Compatibility, whether it is social or sexual. Thank you lavalife for being there when I need you. Reviewed By Aaron Arkansas Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 17, 2006 permalink Visit Lavalife I have never been to Lavalife, so 3 stars is to “split the difference.” This is directed at Phyllis… Your statement about Internet AdultFriendrFinder es