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in about ten years. One of the women was a former high school cheerleader and for me, to have dated her in high school would have been a dream (and a very wet one at that!). But now, I don’t think so. I’ve learned that “about average” body type on Match means her dress size is the all-American average of 14, which means if she is about average height she has lost that nice waist-to-hip ratio Asult Friend Finder right fit for me but they are successful with many people. I respect them becuase they were willing to work with me. Now I am just held prisoner- Not a way to get a good review, refferal or to stop this kind of rant. 7. I am not a sucker or naive- I was hoodwinked on this one and I still kick myself for such a stupid decision. 8. My advice to all of you is try quality people Asult Friend Finder you decide that for yourself. I also find it disappointing that ‘Funny’ on the west coast did not address the age issue. Does anyone else find it disheartening that men close to my age, early 30’s, etc. are thinking about dating 18 year olds. Realistically, what would a 30 year old have in common with an 18 year old? It makes you wonder if a person is sincere in finding a long term relationship, Asult Friend Finder in looks that I am used to. Am I immature for doing this. Yes. But again, I did this not only to teach her a life lesson, but for me and all the below average, average, and even good-looking guys that get screwed around by women because we are actually good guys. Johnathan(I think that is your name), you are my hero and I thank you for your great idea. You deserve a beer and a handshake!! Asult Friend Finder