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mine did. Reviewed By ohgetreal The coast Sex Female Rating ***** Date July 15, 2006 permalink Visit Hey Wise Man, sounds like somebody’s been rejected by a bunch of women way younger than you, so you’re trotting out stats that prove how sorry they’re going to be. Those statistics concern *first* marriages. Women, don’t fall for the tripe men like this spout. To quote an episode Aduly Freind Finder at no cost. I cancelled by email within 3 days but was given an boguous email address by G/E Ms.Ashcroft. I followed up with a call to Ms. Ascroft Jan. 8, 2008. She said to return the materials when I get a chance with a copy of my cancellation note and to bring in my American Express card for a refund and pay $500.00 cancellation fee. I called American Express to stop the payment to G/E Aduly Freind Finder how this business decision is just the opposite of eharmony’s, which will match you with your opposite sex twin, and who wants that either!) So, anyway. Here’s your heads up on that. And for the record, I’m a 40 something female in the Twin Cities. Reviewed By Some Guy USA Sex Male Rating ***** Date May 10, 2006 permalink Visit This is in response to the last person who submitted Aduly Freind Finder to know more about them. Maybe you guys have something in common you would have never found out from a dating site. Remember you’re online because you have some spare time. Use it wisely. Always try to do things to have a productive outcome. Reviewed By The Bragger Columbia Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 04, 2005 permalink Visit Lavalife I used to be an avid internet dater. In those Aduly Freind Finder