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surprise, one did, and we ended up meeting. I don’t know if there’s a lesson there or not. It appears to me that Match has an “inventory” of millions of available people, but relatively few of them are active, paying members; therefore, the vast majority of those attactive people you joined Match to meet are nothing more than pictures in a catalog, not potential significant others. Check www AdultFriendFinder cm ages of 35 to 50. She said Oh! No problem, we have many Ladies like that (that was BS!) She told me that they run background checks on all members to make sure they don’t have a criminal record, and to verify they are not married. (that’s BS also.) She sold me on this plan which I did not need and told me after six months and I would have my soul mate, Yeah Right! She asked for my credit www AdultFriendFinder cm it seems to me that being just ‘cute’ is simply not good enough in attracting the guys I find attractive on the site. I keep myself in very good shape & I do receive a fair amount of positive attention walking around my town. I have several photos posted with my profile and though I do receive a large amount of winks/e-mails, trying to get a positive response from the numerous amounts of www AdultFriendFinder cm believe i read any promises anywhere on the site secondly, there are good people there, but like actual “real” life it does take effort to find them… and being angry and bitter about “fake” profiles and unreturned smiles? grow up and move on..it happens to everyone all the time you either make the decision to spend the credits or you don’t…and it is cheaper than a night out (at least www AdultFriendFinder cm