wishing to assist Match in its efforts to puff up the apparent size of its membership rolls, I took down my profile when I cancelled my paid membership; besides, by removing the profile, I could not inadvertantly suck someone into a wasted subscription trying to contact me. By the way, you’ll notice that I gave Match a 1-Star rating. Had there been a 0-Star selection, that’s what I’d have www.AdultFrien have any problems , within six months I would have my soul mate, ( ha,ha,ha) the jokes on me. When I told her (Stefanie) that I was going to sue them for discrimination, and false pretences she sort of laughed and said you can’t sue us read your contract. I have had many encounters with Stefanie regarding the selection of women, and when she got notice of me suing them, she sent me an email www.AdultFrien open mind and meet others with a similar mindset. I don’t like some of the negative aspects Match has brought out in me, and I think a well deserved break is in order. Time to get more out into the real world and let the chips fall where they may! Reviewed By David Seattle Sex Male Rating ***** Date April 21, 2006 permalink Visit Match.com Like any OD site, Match.com has it’s share of detractors. www.AdultFrien do it soon. Anyways, the website is overhauler.741.com Happy Dating! Reviewed By John Kelowna Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 23, 2005 permalink Visit Lavalife I decided to try out Lavalife because it worked well for a friend of mine. The Positives: It on;y costs 6 credits to do the intial mail message, but messages after that are free. Now the Negatvies: Fake Profiles: They send you a www.AdultFrien