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on losers and that’s the primary reason why I don’t belong on there and am leaving. I deserve better! Reviewed By Tom PENNSYLVANIA Sex Male Rating ***** Date January 11, 2007 permalink Visit Match.com As a member for only three months before backing out pretty much in disgust, perhaps I have not had the proper amount of exposure to the workings of Match to make the following observation…but www Adult Frend Finder of the thousands of dollars most members pay. Just pass right by Great Expectations and take a trip to Europe instead. Reviewed By Joe From Wylie, TX Wylie, TX Sex Male Rating ***** Date March 19, 2010 permalink Visit Great Expectations I wish I had done my homework on Great Expectation. What a rip off, their should be a class action law suit against them. I first called them to get an idea www Adult Frend Finder year old single female, without kids and have been using the Match.com site off an on for quite a while. I have to say that I’m getting the sense that Match.com has had its peak and is now on the down side. I think the membership is declining in numbers and I continue to see the same faces on the site over and over again looking for the perfect person. I think the idea behind the site is www Adult Frend Finder laid… Besides that dont bother. The amount of unattractive men there is staggering. More on this (too lazy) is here http://www.sprnch.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6245 Just being honest. Reviewed By andrew toronto Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 28, 2005 permalink Visit Lavalife Pure unbridled fantasy for people who think that perfection is waiting out there, just for them, at the other www Adult Frend Finder