work out, would I still be interested in going out? Sheesh! Also, I am disheartened by the anger that I see exist between men and women on these websites. I have always responded courteously to every wink and e-mail, and half the time when I say “no” to someone, I get a hateful response in return. We ALL have to deal with rejection. I have decided that, for myself, most of the guys are here sdultFriendFinder the pictures likes your picture. That’s it. You could be picking out Ted Bundy for all you know. And once you’ve looked at the membership pictures, you’re done. You have to wait for someone new to join so you can look at their picture. GE was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made. And it makes me even more angry to hear that other people were able to talk them down to $700-$800 instead sdultFriendFinder to discontinue auto-billing her. I’m giving them 2 stars only because I think a lot of the technology on the site is top-notch. It’s just my opinion that the people behind the company are not — or, at least, are not being completely honest with users of their service. Reviewed By Anonymousinthecity Pittsburgh Sex Female Rating ***** Date April 26, 2006 permalink Visit I’m a 32 sdultFriendFinder games, and I can’t understand why some really gets such a kick out of hurting someone they don’t know. Reviewed By Jukbox Jane Toronto Sex Female Rating ***** Date August 28, 2005 permalink Visit Lavalife I will be honest I belive the site is strictly for sex. The common line is “Good luck with your search” Which clearly shows this is only for “Getting lucky” Best if you just want to get sdultFriendFinder