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42 and I think I had nearly 200 first dates out of match. The people who reviewed it with 1 star never tried any other website. It is true : people lie about their age, weight and even marital status. But it is not different in a bar! The good thing about match is that the number of active members has no comparison with any other website. They might lie, but they are real and active, while Audult Friend Finder reports I have decided against. I have also blocked my credit card (required as an ID) as I understand from some reports that sometime they run it without consent. However.. I have avoided being ripped, and You may be happy to know Great (?) expectations is 2000 USD less rich thanks to your advice! Reviewed By T. N. Hadd Dallas Sex Male Rating ***** Date April 15, 2010 permalink Visit Great Audult Friend Finder on, is myglassishalf, if anyone would like to see what I am about – you all can form you own opinions. Don’t know how much longer I’ll be keeping my profile up anyway. Reviewed By Funny West Coast Sex Male Rating ***** Date April 27, 2006 permalink Visit I find the review of Anonymousinthecity quite funny. She seems to think that Match is going downhill – but in actually Audult Friend Finder these sites. I have an interesting test I am doing to really illustrate the kind of women who joind these sites. No they aren’t like us. Why: Men join dating sites because we hate the stress of the bar scene and figured online dating would be a more straight forward way to meet women. Women join the dating services because either they are really too hideous or too fat to get date OR they Audult Friend Finder

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woman and reading a book I prefer to do the later. I have learned a lot from Match and so I am preparing to be a dateless bachelor for the rest of my life. My goal is to try to make myself happy without women. Reviewed By manhattan New York Sex Female Rating ***** Date January 24, 2007 permalink Visit I am a veteran at match, I have been there for about 3 years on and off. I am Audlt Friend Finder It is maybe a small consolation for all the people that got ripped by this service, but I have avoided joining in this scam thanks to Your reviews. I got highly suspicious when they asked me for over 2000 USD and wanted to push me to sign a contract without even read it or provide me a copy. So I refused to sign, took my time and checked online their reputation. Of course after reading this Audlt Friend Finder But I am looking to change my mindset by putting myself more out there in the real world. Fact is when you meet someone face to face in person in the real world, you’re initial thoughts are not does this person check a ‘box’ of Christian, are they this age, do they have kids, etc, do they like tacos, etc. You just take the person at face value – the way it should be. By the way, my handle Audlt Friend Finder waste of time, like watching paint dry.:) Reviewed By Major Tom Kelowna Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 01, 2005 permalink Visit Lavalife Gather around my fellow disheartened men. Some of us are below average, some of us are average, and some of us are good looking, yet we are all made to feel like the Elephant Man when sending out smiles, emails or whatever to the women that frequesnt Audlt Friend Finder

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your overweight, it would greatly improve your chances of meeting a decent guy if you made some effort to lose weight. Losing weight is difficult but a lot can be done by changing your diet, even without going hungry. Some of the women I talked to had absolutely no interest in losing weight and for this reason I had no interest in them. If I have a choice of going out with an overweight AudAlt Friend Finder I can guarantee that I will DO what I say I will do. This is one of the best scam companies I have ever encountered. Wow I feel better to able to vent- my checkbook still has the flu- but I will chalk it up to experience- If I could I would not even dignify them by providing any rating at all. Reviewed By Frank Houston Sex Male Rating ***** Date April 19, 2010 permalink Visit Great Expectations AudAlt Friend Finder Those are 2 different things. There is a difference between cat calls from guys on the streets, and receiving genuine interest from guys wanting to get to know me. I receive very little of that kind of attention in the real world. Fact is I don’t have many dating possibilities presented to me in the real world, as most of the people I know are attached and don’t know of other single guys. AudAlt Friend Finder a genius to pull it off. Glad you feel so good about yourself though, maybe dating sites are just not for everyone (but I’m sure you’ve thought of that too:)) Rejection sucks for anyone, but I would hope most of us are adult enough to deal with it and move on. Life is too short to worry about teaching people lessons who won’t get the message, now or ever. Yeah, I could think of a bigger AudAlt Friend Finder


that got the men when she was younger. I guess I probably seem shallow to women for not wanting to date someone that is overweight; however, two women made it clear they did not like short guys so it seems to go both ways. A few of the women expressed confusion as to why they could not meet someone and I was always to polite to say that, in part, its due to your extra weight. Ladies, if AsultFriendFinder putting together all sorts of events- there is little to no cost- I have met some great men and made some new friends from the woman I have met.- Many of the events/activities I attend is usually 25+people. It is a global organization. 9. It makes sense to me that GE can’t guarantee you will meet anyone. But they can guarantee their actions and what work they are doing for you. For my clients- AsultFriendFinder if they specify that age. Yet it I contact a guy maybe a few years younger than me, say 27, or 28, he considers me to be too old for him. It seemes to me that this is a double standard. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this? When I mentioned I receive positive attention just being out and about, that doesn’t necessarily translate into someone approaching me to ask me out on a date. AsultFriendFinder Major Tom Reviewed By don’t ask me please London Sex Female Rating ***** Date September 01, 2005 permalink Visit Lavalife Major Tom, you have some really MAJOR issues with women. Since when is it YOUR job to teach women lessons????? BTW I agree, this woman Tammy sounds shallow, actually sounds like some men I’ve talked to…….. anyone can play that game, on or offline, and it doesn’t take AsultFriendFinder

Asult Friend Finder

in about ten years. One of the women was a former high school cheerleader and for me, to have dated her in high school would have been a dream (and a very wet one at that!). But now, I don’t think so. I’ve learned that “about average” body type on Match means her dress size is the all-American average of 14, which means if she is about average height she has lost that nice waist-to-hip ratio Asult Friend Finder right fit for me but they are successful with many people. I respect them becuase they were willing to work with me. Now I am just held prisoner- Not a way to get a good review, refferal or to stop this kind of rant. 7. I am not a sucker or naive- I was hoodwinked on this one and I still kick myself for such a stupid decision. 8. My advice to all of you is try quality people Asult Friend Finder you decide that for yourself. I also find it disappointing that ‘Funny’ on the west coast did not address the age issue. Does anyone else find it disheartening that men close to my age, early 30’s, etc. are thinking about dating 18 year olds. Realistically, what would a 30 year old have in common with an 18 year old? It makes you wonder if a person is sincere in finding a long term relationship, Asult Friend Finder in looks that I am used to. Am I immature for doing this. Yes. But again, I did this not only to teach her a life lesson, but for me and all the below average, average, and even good-looking guys that get screwed around by women because we are actually good guys. Johnathan(I think that is your name), you are my hero and I thank you for your great idea. You deserve a beer and a handshake!! Asult Friend Finder


to. It would seem to me this might maybe mean something about these women (but I’m not sure what). Second, all of the women seemed pretty nice, but you could tell that many of them had some underlying anger. Third, physically, there was a certain profile of woman (roughly 3 out of 4) that I seemed to attract—very pretty, but also about 30-50 lbs overweight—not quite obese, but probably so AsdultFriendFinder I also want out of this contract and I am pursuing my options as long as it does not cost me an arm and leg like this service does. This company could redeem their reputation and also win a few of us to change our opinions about them by allowing us to back-out of the contract on a prorated basis. If they would have done this for me- My commentary would have been more like- GE is not the AsdultFriendFinder so that does away with the notion of me only considering male models. I consider myself FAR FROM BEING A SUPERMODEL, more the regular girl next door type and many of the guys I tried to get in touch with I would describe as being in a similar situation – cute guys -not male models. Is trying to get in touch with 75 gentleman being absurdly picky? That can only be your opinion so I’ll let AsdultFriendFinder out looking pissed off. Tammy never did email my alter ego asking what happened, so I will leave her be. Maybe this will be a lesson to her not to be such a golddigging superficial wench. Also it will prove to her that if it sounds too good to be true, most likely it is. Had she emailed my alter-ego back with an angry email, then she would have been told that she is not up to the caliber AsdultFriendFinder

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the eyes of women) are that I don’t make a high salary (less than 50,000/yr) and I’m not a home owner. I live in a metropolitan area of about 300,000 people. I definitely saw some trends: First, pretty much every women I talked to (about 7 first dates, 15 phone conversations) had her husband/significant other have affairs, sometimes multiple times. This was about 95% of the women I talked Alt Friend Frinder make my life easier? It has added more time in front of a computer screen which I do enough already- 5. The list of men they recommended either was not liked by me or visaversa. The one person that contacted me was 19 years older than me and was open about spending on his video that he spent 20 years in a state hospital- Does this qualify as something that is part of a backgroud check? 6. Alt Friend Frinder did to my review of Match. Well here are some facts to back up what I stated in response to his diatribe. I just did a count of the number of guys I contacted on over the last few months without a positive response and the tally was 75. I found 75 gentleman on the site that I thought I may be compatible with. Many of those 75 (by the way) did not have photos posted with their profiles, Alt Friend Frinder to this saga* Well according to a friend of mine, who works at the Restaraunt, Tammy did come in dressed up and actually looking quite good(hard to tell from her picture on this site). She ended up getting a table and waiting for about 45 minutes. Sh did end up asking one of the waiters if she has seen a guy fitting this Model’s description. He said no. She paid for her drink and walked Alt Friend Frinder

Alt Friend Finder

By John Anywhere, USA Sex Male Rating ***** Date January 30, 2007 permalink Visit I was on Match for about 6 months and have decided to log off it; however, the experience for me was extremely eye-opening. Physically, I’m 45, tall (6’ 3”), slender, and have been usually described as good looking. I’m college educated, been told that I’m interesting but I suspect my weaknesses (in Alt Friend Finder her in weeks. 4. The sales pitch really leads you to believe there are justs tons of people out to meet “such a wonderful person as me” The club is supposed to be 60% men. I figured my odds were pretty good to meet people where we had similar interests, I suppose that is true but most of them are inactive and it is a waste of my time to scroll page after page of inactive people. Again.. Alt Friend Finder Dont you understand you are betting on a 1000 to 1 shot that a 25-27 year old man would be willing to make a long term realationship with you, compared to a 95% chance a 35-37 year old would? Get real! Reviewed By Anonymousinthecity Pittsburgh Sex Female Rating ***** Date April 27, 2006 permalink Visit I find it unfortunate that ‘Funny’ on the west coast posted the response he Alt Friend Finder things. And furthermore most women in Kelowna, B.C. Canada are golddigging superficial women. Too bad, really. Over and Out, Major Tom Reviewed By Major Tom Kelowna Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 02, 2005 permalink Visit Lavalife I hate having to use a new email address everytime I post, oh welL. Now onto the update: *See the second and thrid post below this one for the background Alt Friend Finder

Aldut Friend Finder

of women on these sites are thinking like this, you’re kidding yourselves…and with 15 males signing up everyday compared to 1 female, who can blame them? Just come to terms with this and use Match as a supplemental dating tool, not as your sole method of meeting women. Maybe you’ll meet that same woman in a bar tonight that didn’t return your well-written, funny, and unique email. Reviewed Aldut Friend Finder again, they said I should have called to find out how many were attending. I was never told this was protocol. Who is the customer here? Isn’t this the service that claims it will simplfy my life? 3. I really like all the staff I have met- they appear to be sincere, but since the membership rep knows how unhappy I am- she was going to make me her “special project”- I have not heard from Aldut Friend Finder look like a 20 year old, and thats clearly what men 25-30 are looking for – you said so yourself! If you continue to pursue men who are looking for girls that are 10 years younger than you, you can expect to fail. Its common for men to look for girls a few years younger than themselves, but men VERY RARELY seriously consider a girl 5-7 years older than themselves for a serious relationship. Aldut Friend Finder never really get a hobest chance with a woman because she is chasing after the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, only to find out when she is 40, that there is not pot of gold. Online dating doesn’t work for us attractive but normal looking guys. If you aren’t Brad Pitt or Antanio Banderas, then don’t waste your time. You’ll have a beter chance meeting women just doing everyday recreational Aldut Friend Finder


to the allure of the “perfect” man eventually falling into her lap, that it’s not personal, and that perhaps she really isn’t interested in meeting anyone more than she is in getting attention and/or “hoping” for what “might” appear the next day, as in “oh wait,” she says…”he’s cute, sounds nice, but what IF someone ‘better’ shows up in the next few days?” Guys, if you don’t think a lot AldultFriendFinder the one event I attended and only one which I paid 30 dollars for- It was an event at a comedy club- there was 2 women and the GE staff person. 3 people total. Isn’t this where men and women get together. The 30 dollar cost was to help fund appetizers. Since the group was so small, I was told to order off the menu.The 30 dollars bought me a greasy hamburger with catsup packets. When I complained AldultFriendFinder have progressed according to how I knew they must. No surprises there. Reviewed By Funny West Sex Male Rating ***** Date April 27, 2006 permalink Visit Fine I will address the age issue. You are 32 years old, your highest chance of finding a man who would be seriously interested in you for a relationship would be between the ages of 35 and 40. You are dreaming if you think you AldultFriendFinder I am, or of the character I have. You have no right to judge me the way you have – and I know nothing of your so called friends. What you did was immature and really dumb. You missed out on meeting someone EXACTLY OPPOSITE of who THOUGHT youwere meeting. You are clearly not who you say you are. You are not worth my time.” So this whole adventure was for the benefit of all of us guys who AldultFriendFinder