dult match maker

with exactly the same picture. There was 7″ height difference, a different ethnicity (if you can believe that),and a different search location. One was looking anywhere in the US. The other was looking in the UK. One profile mentioned a child. The other did not. I agree with one of the other writers who said that we are better off in the grocery store, at a church function or just walking dult match maker Needless to say, the dates were horrible. The fees that they charge are astronomical! and they just keep adding more to the packages they have to stuff their greedy pockets with your hard earned cash. There is NO WAY I can say a good word about them and I would warn any lonely people out there to avoid them like the H1N1 virus! I wanted to give zero stars but its only 1 thru 5. Reviewed dult match maker me — since the e-mails that had been sent to my private e-mail address didn’t specify. In both cases, I had received what appeared to be a “fake” brief message from women who supposedly were interested in getting to know me. However, when I clicked on their usernames to review their profiles, I found in both cases that the user did not exist (or profile was hidden). I never received any dult match maker convincing me that it is not a problem with my computer. I’d be interested in learning who else has experienced this. Reviewed By don’t ask me please London Ontario Sex Female Rating ***** Date August 29, 2005 permalink Visit Lavalife like any wheres else on the Internet, Lavalife has it’s idiots. I got through the first page of reviews basically running down the fake women, well, in all dult match maker