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down the street. should be investigated. Reviewed By Kay Houston Sex Female Rating ***** Date January 16, 2007 permalink Visit What a colossal waste of time and money! I am attractive, intelligent, possess a great sense of humor, and can compose a complete sentence. I never ceased to be amazed at the arrogant men on this site who (a) think that they are more of a catch dultFriendFinder By Robyn Studio City, CA Sex Female Rating ***** Date March 21, 2010 permalink Visit Great Expectations If you are looking for a serious, committed relationship then you need to stay as far away from Great Expectations as possible. It is a complete waste of time, and a HUGE waste of money. I joined GE for $4,000 and during my one-year membership did not go on a single date. When I joined dultFriendFinder such e-mails while I was a subscriber. It just seemed very fishy to me. I sent an e-mail to Customer Service 5 days ago asking if they practiced anything unethical — such as having someone send fake e-mails to non-subscribers — in an attempt to entice people to subscribe. I haven’t heard back from them. I decided to send Customer Service an e-mail asking them to resign my membership, and dultFriendFinder fairness, it’s not easy for us to meet men either. This is NOT necessarily the fault of the people at Lavalife, it’s the idiots who like to pull crap like videotaping women in intimate positions (not me fortunately UGH), block you as soon as you show them your picture, like DUH, we can make another account and see if that profile is still active. I sure wonder how men could think women were dultFriendFinder

given it instead. Of course, having read reviews of other sites, probably just about everything I said applies across the board. Reviewed By Eileen Texas Sex Female Rating ***** Date January 09, 2007 permalink Visit I have been on match for awhile now and have met some nice men although none of them seem to be interested in a real relationship or marriage. I have had many pleasant saying that one of the women was interested. This candidate was inactive but is available now. Stephanie continued to tell the interested candidate had said yes to me. Well I got to laugh on this one, ..I called this Lady, after calling her 4 times just to see if it was a scam, and sure a enough it was, that women never called me back. I paid $7995.00 for this service and now it is costing But out of the several sites I’ve used, I think it is one of the better ones. It seems to be one of the more “honest” sites – as far as giving a fair representation of the service you think you are buying. Secondly it seems to have more features than the others and is an easy-to-use site. I used it for two or three years – with several long lapses in my subscription – and they seemed to smile, you send one back, and then you spend six credits to contact them. Then nothing. Good0-bye credits Unrealistic women: Maybe this is just Kelowna and Vancouver, but the women on these sites are looking for the reformed bad buy turned good who is both rich and great looking. And these are from women who are from barely average to good looking. I am a pretty good looking guy but I am

Asult Friend Finder

in about ten years. One of the women was a former high school cheerleader and for me, to have dated her in high school would have been a dream (and a very wet one at that!). But now, I don’t think so. I’ve learned that “about average” body type on Match means her dress size is the all-American average of 14, which means if she is about average height she has lost that nice waist-to-hip ratio Asult Friend Finder right fit for me but they are successful with many people. I respect them becuase they were willing to work with me. Now I am just held prisoner- Not a way to get a good review, refferal or to stop this kind of rant. 7. I am not a sucker or naive- I was hoodwinked on this one and I still kick myself for such a stupid decision. 8. My advice to all of you is try quality people Asult Friend Finder you decide that for yourself. I also find it disappointing that ‘Funny’ on the west coast did not address the age issue. Does anyone else find it disheartening that men close to my age, early 30’s, etc. are thinking about dating 18 year olds. Realistically, what would a 30 year old have in common with an 18 year old? It makes you wonder if a person is sincere in finding a long term relationship, Asult Friend Finder in looks that I am used to. Am I immature for doing this. Yes. But again, I did this not only to teach her a life lesson, but for me and all the below average, average, and even good-looking guys that get screwed around by women because we are actually good guys. Johnathan(I think that is your name), you are my hero and I thank you for your great idea. You deserve a beer and a handshake!! Asult Friend Finder

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women on any online dating service. This includes the following: not getting too upset if a woman doesn’t write you back—it only makes you look desperate and needy; to try your best to write original, fresh, and unique emails without going too far over the top; that is, there’s a fine line you have to walk, as you don’t want to overwhelm a woman right off the bat yet you still need to stand Adylt Friend Finder country, are criminals, thus should be charged with illegal activities including fraud, have their businesses liquidated and the individuals on the front and behind the scenes should be jailed. Some actions that have been and can be taken against GE: inititate a complaint with your local Office of the Attorney General. Those who have been defrauded: something to think about – connect and Adylt Friend Finder from her profile that she’s supposedly gone back to New York. I had never seen this site before and started reading through it and came across Charles from New York’s comment. Charles, my buddy, I think we’ve both been scammed by the same girl, as your description of the woman is an exact match to the girl I corresponded with and met. You’re probably right not to mention her profile just Adylt Friend Finder Mary. * Take breaks from internet dating after your subscription expires. This will give your fan time to forget about you and move on to the next profile. Also, this cures internet dating burnout. * Carefully read and organize your emails. If you’ve made contact with a fan he/she won’t be able to wait with the reply back to you. Look for strange comments within your received emails like, Adylt Friend Finder


that got the men when she was younger. I guess I probably seem shallow to women for not wanting to date someone that is overweight; however, two women made it clear they did not like short guys so it seems to go both ways. A few of the women expressed confusion as to why they could not meet someone and I was always to polite to say that, in part, its due to your extra weight. Ladies, if AsultFriendFinder putting together all sorts of events- there is little to no cost- I have met some great men and made some new friends from the woman I have met.- Many of the events/activities I attend is usually 25+people. It is a global organization. 9. It makes sense to me that GE can’t guarantee you will meet anyone. But they can guarantee their actions and what work they are doing for you. For my clients- AsultFriendFinder if they specify that age. Yet it I contact a guy maybe a few years younger than me, say 27, or 28, he considers me to be too old for him. It seemes to me that this is a double standard. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this? When I mentioned I receive positive attention just being out and about, that doesn’t necessarily translate into someone approaching me to ask me out on a date. AsultFriendFinder Major Tom Reviewed By don’t ask me please London Sex Female Rating ***** Date September 01, 2005 permalink Visit Lavalife Major Tom, you have some really MAJOR issues with women. Since when is it YOUR job to teach women lessons????? BTW I agree, this woman Tammy sounds shallow, actually sounds like some men I’ve talked to…….. anyone can play that game, on or offline, and it doesn’t take AsultFriendFinder

Afult Friend Finder

out, as she most likely is getting TONS of email; finally—and this gets to my main criticism of Match—understand that the female to male ratio is like 1:15, which means that a) women get A LOT of email (lots of which is crazy) and b) women can be extremely, extremely picky on Match because of the skewed ratio, so the same girl that might give you her # in a bar will in many cases not respond Afult Friend Finder initiate a class action or multi-party lawsuit against the illegal and fraudulent practices of this company. Of course, we can all ask for our money back and you know where this has gotten us. An end should be put to this type of predatory and disgusting criminality! Reviewed By Jo Minneapolis Sex Female Rating ***** Date April 21, 2010 permalink Visit Great Expectations I WISH I would have Afult Friend Finder in the off-chance we’re wrong and this girl just has issues, but I swear from the way you describe her profile we’re talking about the same damn girl buddy. Just curious if you’ve heard any more from her. Reviewed By Phyllis Realityville Sex Female Rating ***** Date April 28, 2006 permalink Visit I rated it one star higher than it deserves. Online dating sucks, PERIOD. People want Afult Friend Finder ” You haven’t logged in for 3 weeks.”. * Don’t give anyone any contact information, untill you’ve had time to make a judgement on them… * Know what kind of person you’re trying to avoid. Generally, a desperate romantic has a intelligence quota of 120 or better. So, they are pretty good at putting two and two together to form one. Typically, these people have lower self esteem. Most of Afult Friend Finder

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your overweight, it would greatly improve your chances of meeting a decent guy if you made some effort to lose weight. Losing weight is difficult but a lot can be done by changing your diet, even without going hungry. Some of the women I talked to had absolutely no interest in losing weight and for this reason I had no interest in them. If I have a choice of going out with an overweight AudAlt Friend Finder I can guarantee that I will DO what I say I will do. This is one of the best scam companies I have ever encountered. Wow I feel better to able to vent- my checkbook still has the flu- but I will chalk it up to experience- If I could I would not even dignify them by providing any rating at all. Reviewed By Frank Houston Sex Male Rating ***** Date April 19, 2010 permalink Visit Great Expectations AudAlt Friend Finder Those are 2 different things. There is a difference between cat calls from guys on the streets, and receiving genuine interest from guys wanting to get to know me. I receive very little of that kind of attention in the real world. Fact is I don’t have many dating possibilities presented to me in the real world, as most of the people I know are attached and don’t know of other single guys. AudAlt Friend Finder a genius to pull it off. Glad you feel so good about yourself though, maybe dating sites are just not for everyone (but I’m sure you’ve thought of that too:)) Rejection sucks for anyone, but I would hope most of us are adult enough to deal with it and move on. Life is too short to worry about teaching people lessons who won’t get the message, now or ever. Yeah, I could think of a bigger AudAlt Friend Finder


to you on Match since she suddenly has so many choices—all at her fingertips, just as if she were shopping. So I’m sure you can see where my criticism is headed: the men really have a hard time on Match because of the female to male ratio. Please don’t think I’m blaming women for this—I’m sure we men would do the same thing if the roles were reversed. It’s only natural. Yet the fact remains AfultFriendFinder found this site before I signed up. I have read all of your comments and all I can say is ditto. A friend recommended GE to me. (she met the love of her life and perhaps may have been the only lucky one) So I scheduled an appointment, as a busy professional the pitch was appealing to me- They also negotiated the rate with me- from 5000 to 3. But then, 2 of the men I did speak to paid less AfultFriendFinder a free or almost-free website, and they got exactly what they didn’t pay for. It takes money to attract the right kind of people and weed out the trash. REAL marriage agencies charge several thousand dollars for their services, but they get real results and send the trash out the door before they even walk through it. Try one of those instead if you want results, AND are the kind of person AfultFriendFinder the time these people won’t bother to contact you but it’s still creppy to know someone could find you. The truth is, this wouldn’t be a problem if people could be more positive and feel better about themselves. Reviewed By Major Tom Kelowna Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 03, 2005 permalink Visit Lavalife Update. Tammy did email my alter ego and I emailed her back. Here is the dialogue: AfultFriendFinder

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that many, many women on Match and other online dating services develop what I like to call the “shopping syndrome.” The “shopping syndrome” in terms of online dating is when someone has the numbers on her side and knows she can pretty much have anyone she wants on the site; the problem with this is that many women take this too far, so that you have attractive, educated, sweet women who Aldult Freind Finder than I did. I was told men pay more. When I confronted GE- they backed off and said there could have been a spif or something. AND these 2 men were unhappy with the service also and said I could quote them. When I explained this to GE I was asked why I was talking about GE and not myself. The answer is- most times when strangers meet- you look for commonalities. GE was the thread. This was Aldult Freind Finder they would consider as a member in the first place. Hey, some of us met a lot of great people in bars and clubs. It depends on the bar or club and the kind of person you are and the kind of person you can attract. When you wander into a place that losers want instant results with no charisma, no investment and no effort on their part, what do you expect? The kind of place that will present Aldult Freind Finder Tammy-“so…what happened?” Major Tom-“I did not meet you because you are a gold digger. You only want to date me because I am good looking and successful. I have had friends on this site, some of whom you met and some who you just deleted their mail. They told me you were are golddigger but I wanted to give you a chance and find out for myself. What I found out was the truth that you are Aldult Freind Finder

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of “Sex in the City”: Snow White woke up, got a career with medical benefits and started a family via in vitro fertilization. The same 40-year old guy that wants a woman 15 years younger will dump her when he reaches age 50 in hopes of finding another younger woman. Snow White may buy it. The rest of us are looking for a man that has matured beyond the college frat, and his age has little Aduly Friend Finder and they suspended my payment for 2 years trying to find a legal loophole. AmEx finally told me to re-affirm my disability with spine surgeon to prove I still have scoliosis. I had to endure unnecessary x-rays and an MRI.and bills. Then American Express determined by law they only need to transfer money, not protect consumers.So who’d like to join in my court appearance in 6-8 weeks? Reviewed Aduly Friend Finder a comment. You should be honest with whomever you’re pursuing a relationship with in the first place. You shouldn’t have to worry about “getting caught”, because you shouldn’t be doing things of that sort, anyway. Reviewed By Leslie Los Angeles, Calif Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 09, 2006 permalink Visit Match has the same bunch of guys to choose from on there forever. It may Aduly Friend Finder days of surfing profiles, I noticed many users put their last name in their screenname. In this post I am going to tell you why using a last name is a dangerous mistake, on the part of the user who uses their last name. What you’ve heard is true, some people just lead a very boring lifestyle. People with a boring life generally have trouble in the world of romance. As you know, boring people Aduly Friend Finder