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out all the profiles that show no activity within a week, or no activity for three-plus weeks. When I was paying Match to help me search for someone, be assured that I wasn’t checking in only once a week, let alone once a month! And, I found that many who are listed as active within a reasonable time–I consider “reasonable” to be three or fewer days for someone paying for a service–are www AdultFrindFinder com card and told me to look over some photos of some of the members. Then she ran my card and came in with a contract. She would not let me read it and kept distracting me. At the same time she was telling me where to sign or initial rushing through the paperwork. When I asked about certain paragraphs she would say don’t worry about that, it just means this or that, just initial it. She kept www AdultFrindFinder com e-mails I have sent out is like pulling teeth. I think that Match unfortunately has become a number’s game, and that the more attractive men on the site (the ones who I think I’m in the same league with (but apparently not), expect the picture of a supermodel. Otherwise, what you have written is not even read (at least that appears to be the case with me). Yes, there has to be a mutual physical www AdultFrindFinder com in Toronto) and if i don’t respond? it usually means i’m not interested and i have learned that responding even nicely only encourages the conversation i’m trying to avoid or maybe i’m busy..or tired…or just not paying as much attention as i should or maybe my kitchen just caught fire either way…i’ve met some wonderful people and some wonderfully strange people dated some,befriended www AdultFrindFinder com

dates though. However in the past month I seem to be talking to nothing but self loving jerks. I am a 40 year old female who is slim and considered attractive but my shyness and lack of social life keep me from meeting anyone. My job doesn’t offer much opportunities to meet anyone either. I talked to one guy who dominated the who conversation in giving his speech about what makes a sucessful me more to retrieve my money. Attorney fees are not cheap. I Hope someone will read this before they make the same mistake I made, as did hundreds of others. Please just remember this, it’s a scam, and they do discriminate. Joe From Wylie, TX Reviewed By M C TN Sex Female Rating ***** Date March 06, 2010 permalink Visit Great Expectations I had to rate them a 1 because there is no 0!!! I be always adding new features and improvements. To get notification of if/when people read your email, you have to pay a few extra bucks, which does seem like a rip off. For guys, it takes some patience to start talking with any real women on this site. You might get a wink or two in your first couple weeks. But it probably won’t be women who are particularly enticing. No offense, but I’m not a model, so apparently I am ugly. Average Body: Women who say they are of Average Body type are always about 30 to 40 pounds overwieght. Every woman I met who said she is avaerage, is actually fat. So ladies if you are overwieght then state it. Average is not 30 to 40 pounds overweight. Heres how it works. If she says, Slim: this means she is slim or skinny Athletic: This means she is

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with exactly the same picture. There was 7″ height difference, a different ethnicity (if you can believe that),and a different search location. One was looking anywhere in the US. The other was looking in the UK. One profile mentioned a child. The other did not. I agree with one of the other writers who said that we are better off in the grocery store, at a church function or just walking dult match maker Needless to say, the dates were horrible. The fees that they charge are astronomical! and they just keep adding more to the packages they have to stuff their greedy pockets with your hard earned cash. There is NO WAY I can say a good word about them and I would warn any lonely people out there to avoid them like the H1N1 virus! I wanted to give zero stars but its only 1 thru 5. Reviewed dult match maker me — since the e-mails that had been sent to my private e-mail address didn’t specify. In both cases, I had received what appeared to be a “fake” brief message from women who supposedly were interested in getting to know me. However, when I clicked on their usernames to review their profiles, I found in both cases that the user did not exist (or profile was hidden). I never received any dult match maker convincing me that it is not a problem with my computer. I’d be interested in learning who else has experienced this. Reviewed By don’t ask me please London Ontario Sex Female Rating ***** Date August 29, 2005 permalink Visit Lavalife like any wheres else on the Internet, Lavalife has it’s idiots. I got through the first page of reviews basically running down the fake women, well, in all dult match maker


down the street. should be investigated. Reviewed By Kay Houston Sex Female Rating ***** Date January 16, 2007 permalink Visit What a colossal waste of time and money! I am attractive, intelligent, possess a great sense of humor, and can compose a complete sentence. I never ceased to be amazed at the arrogant men on this site who (a) think that they are more of a catch dultFriendFinder By Robyn Studio City, CA Sex Female Rating ***** Date March 21, 2010 permalink Visit Great Expectations If you are looking for a serious, committed relationship then you need to stay as far away from Great Expectations as possible. It is a complete waste of time, and a HUGE waste of money. I joined GE for $4,000 and during my one-year membership did not go on a single date. When I joined dultFriendFinder such e-mails while I was a subscriber. It just seemed very fishy to me. I sent an e-mail to Customer Service 5 days ago asking if they practiced anything unethical — such as having someone send fake e-mails to non-subscribers — in an attempt to entice people to subscribe. I haven’t heard back from them. I decided to send Customer Service an e-mail asking them to resign my membership, and dultFriendFinder fairness, it’s not easy for us to meet men either. This is NOT necessarily the fault of the people at Lavalife, it’s the idiots who like to pull crap like videotaping women in intimate positions (not me fortunately UGH), block you as soon as you show them your picture, like DUH, we can make another account and see if that profile is still active. I sure wonder how men could think women were dultFriendFinder

www AdultFriendFinder cm

surprise, one did, and we ended up meeting. I don’t know if there’s a lesson there or not. It appears to me that Match has an “inventory” of millions of available people, but relatively few of them are active, paying members; therefore, the vast majority of those attactive people you joined Match to meet are nothing more than pictures in a catalog, not potential significant others. Check www AdultFriendFinder cm ages of 35 to 50. She said Oh! No problem, we have many Ladies like that (that was BS!) She told me that they run background checks on all members to make sure they don’t have a criminal record, and to verify they are not married. (that’s BS also.) She sold me on this plan which I did not need and told me after six months and I would have my soul mate, Yeah Right! She asked for my credit www AdultFriendFinder cm it seems to me that being just ‘cute’ is simply not good enough in attracting the guys I find attractive on the site. I keep myself in very good shape & I do receive a fair amount of positive attention walking around my town. I have several photos posted with my profile and though I do receive a large amount of winks/e-mails, trying to get a positive response from the numerous amounts of www AdultFriendFinder cm believe i read any promises anywhere on the site secondly, there are good people there, but like actual “real” life it does take effort to find them… and being angry and bitter about “fake” profiles and unreturned smiles? grow up and move happens to everyone all the time you either make the decision to spend the credits or you don’t…and it is cheaper than a night out (at least www AdultFriendFinder cm


non-paying members just passing through, checking out the scene and, as non-paying members, unable to answer any communication. The thing that most ticked me off with Match was its offer to inform me when my e-mails were read…for an added fee. That should have been part of the basic package. Perhaps Match doesn’t want to let its members know just how many messages are going unread (sent www.AdultFr telling me how good looking I was and that in no time I would meet a girl. She told me she would work with me and if I found a girl I was interested in she would contact that person to have her check me out, once again (BS). After a few months I started to call Stefanie, and was telling her that most of the Ladies that I would be interested in are all inactive, and the choices they had were www.AdultFr attraction, but it’s not as if I have found only a few men to be worthwhile to write to. I believe thatI have contacted guys numbering well into the hundreds during my experience with the site. My response rate was never high to begin with but it only continues to deterioriate. If I struggle to receive positive mutual interest on Match, I feel sorry for women who really struggle with weight www.AdultFr others, and some i would cross the street to avoid but i always try to play nice…perhaps that’s the secret Reviewed By Brad Phoenix, AZ Sex Male Rating ***** Date August 24, 2005 permalink Visit Lavalife I used to have such a hard time finding dates on and the blind dates were painful. I found a good website that will hook you up with someone in your area to go on a double-date www.AdultFr

given it instead. Of course, having read reviews of other sites, probably just about everything I said applies across the board. Reviewed By Eileen Texas Sex Female Rating ***** Date January 09, 2007 permalink Visit I have been on match for awhile now and have met some nice men although none of them seem to be interested in a real relationship or marriage. I have had many pleasant saying that one of the women was interested. This candidate was inactive but is available now. Stephanie continued to tell the interested candidate had said yes to me. Well I got to laugh on this one, ..I called this Lady, after calling her 4 times just to see if it was a scam, and sure a enough it was, that women never called me back. I paid $7995.00 for this service and now it is costing But out of the several sites I’ve used, I think it is one of the better ones. It seems to be one of the more “honest” sites – as far as giving a fair representation of the service you think you are buying. Secondly it seems to have more features than the others and is an easy-to-use site. I used it for two or three years – with several long lapses in my subscription – and they seemed to smile, you send one back, and then you spend six credits to contact them. Then nothing. Good0-bye credits Unrealistic women: Maybe this is just Kelowna and Vancouver, but the women on these sites are looking for the reformed bad buy turned good who is both rich and great looking. And these are from women who are from barely average to good looking. I am a pretty good looking guy but I am

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I shall anyway. I communicated with six ladies as a result of my twelve week venture, but I met only one. Two would not progress past the e-mail stage, although I provided my phone number. Looking for dates, not pen pals, I broke contact. I did speak to three ladies. Two were kind of “out there” and I (nicely) broke off contact before we even discussed meeting. On four occasions the third www Adult Friend Finder on what the cost would be and was told they had a plan just to suit me. Being divorced for a little over a year, and not wanting to do the bar seen, I went down there to check out what they had to say and see what they offered…….Boy was that a mistake! I met with Stefanie Hogan on July 30th 2008,She started to tell me that they are the largest dating service in the nation, and that they www Adult Friend Finder a good one, but the problem with online dating is the ‘laundry list’ mentality that this type of dating creates in people (myself included unfortunately). For example, if you don’t meet all of the ‘checked boxes’ of the profile criteria, forget it. I am not Christian, however I do have a very strong moral compass, but because I don’t meet the ‘Christian’ box criteria, forget it. The two www Adult Friend Finder end of a modem. Never seen so many people with completely unrealistic expectations and demands from others when they in fact are sorely lacking in those very qulities themselves. I think it does work for those who are deluded enough to convince themselves that the person they have met is “the one”. But isn’t that how it works through normal channels as well? The odds are fairly bad and there www Adult Friend Finder

Ault Friend Finder

I could write a book about the online dating experience. It could be my age range, 40/50, but I did meet someone special in the past, I met men who became close friends and in general I always met interesting people. The bottom line is… if you do not like match, then drop out of the online dating. I agree at times it s*, but that is the best place to give it a shot. Reviewed By D. Toronto Ault Friend Finder — and some are the target of investigations by the Attorney General’s office and others — after numerous complaints — won’t even respond to consumer complaints. Why the Attorney General’s Office in various states has not shut this operation down is a testament to our pathetic legal system. Please, please don’t get raped by these people. They deserve no stars! Reviewed By Terrence N.Y. Ault Friend Finder how for years she ignored the advances of good men in her dating range, thinking herself some prize, holding out for a man with the looks of a male model. Now as she grows older and less and less men find her a catch, she thinks the service has failed her, when in fact its the women like her who have failed the service. There was a time where single women in their 30s would pursue eligible Ault Friend Finder rich businessman who is a world traveller and a model to boot(thanks to a model site I found and took a pic off of). I emailed a woman who would be considered pretty, average body(not fat,not thin), and an average success for her age(32 I think). I contacted her with my real profile first and sent her a really well thought out email. Keep in mind she is as good looking a woman as I am a Ault Friend Finder

to people who can’t respond because they’re not paying members??) without at least making a buck on the deal. Hey, at least Match does indicate the last time a member was on-line at the site, which some others do not do, but to be truly transparent and above board, Match needs also to indicate if the person you’re thinking of paying to contact is a paying member and able to respond. Not not to my choosing……She would tell me to pick some anyway , just to see what they say. I told her most of the women that I chose said no to me, and after a while I started to see the profiles I read did not match the person …….most of these women were looking for that chip- and dale type of guy, looks, body, and money. I did not have any of that…But Stefanie told me I would not issues or other things, as it seems that there odds of a positive connection are waning with the decline of the site. At any rate, I think I will be bringing my journey to a close soon. I feel that it is more likely for me to meet the ‘one’ off-line than on-line. I think Match could be effective in just meeting friends without any dating expectations, if you go into it with a very with. Me and my friend John went on a few double dates with women we met on and there was a lot less stress. The women seemed to feel safer too. The website also has this thing called Profile Overhauler. I haven’t done it yet, but I guess they write a profile for you using all of these marketing techniques that get your more dates. They also take these really good pictures. I might