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I could write a book about the online dating experience. It could be my age range, 40/50, but I did meet someone special in the past, I met men who became close friends and in general I always met interesting people. The bottom line is… if you do not like match, then drop out of the online dating. I agree at times it s*, but that is the best place to give it a shot. Reviewed By D. Toronto Ault Friend Finder — and some are the target of investigations by the Attorney General’s office and others — after numerous complaints — won’t even respond to consumer complaints. Why the Attorney General’s Office in various states has not shut this operation down is a testament to our pathetic legal system. Please, please don’t get raped by these people. They deserve no stars! Reviewed By Terrence N.Y. Ault Friend Finder how for years she ignored the advances of good men in her dating range, thinking herself some prize, holding out for a man with the looks of a male model. Now as she grows older and less and less men find her a catch, she thinks the service has failed her, when in fact its the women like her who have failed the service. There was a time where single women in their 30s would pursue eligible Ault Friend Finder rich businessman who is a world traveller and a model to boot(thanks to a model site I found and took a pic off of). I emailed a woman who would be considered pretty, average body(not fat,not thin), and an average success for her age(32 I think). I contacted her with my real profile first and sent her a really well thought out email. Keep in mind she is as good looking a woman as I am a Ault Friend Finder