in other websites there are either no matchesor they have cancelled their membership years ago. I live in Manhattan, 8.2 millions souls of which 75% are single… that a website has 5 members is ridiculous! Would you wonder, I am not paid my match, I simply wasted 100$ here or there trying other places like perfectmarch or matchmaker or yahoo personal so on so forth. Eharmony is the worse. AudultFriendFinder Expectations Please stay away from this fraudulant company. These people are scam artist and just want your money — and boy is it expensive. If you try other sites over, let’s say, 5 years, you may end up paying what it costs up front for this dating service. But who spends that much time looking for someone! I believe some offices actually closed down over the nation — Houston, I believe AudultFriendFinder its just her absurd pickyness that has left her single despite years on the service. I guess she is mad that the days of her recieving dozens of flattering emails every day are gone, and that the very best looking men on the site refuse to lower their standards and date somebody who is average looks. I think I hear the sound of the worlds smallest violin playing. What is a real shame is AudultFriendFinder are looking for to proverbial rich, goodlooking, successful modelisque businessman/doctor/lawyer/etc. So I wanted to do a test that would really prove this. I created two profiles. One profile is both accurately depicts who I am as a person with various recent pictures so women can see what I look like and am like. The other profile is fake. This profile is the stereotypical unrealistic AudultFriendFinder