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42 and I think I had nearly 200 first dates out of match. The people who reviewed it with 1 star never tried any other website. It is true : people lie about their age, weight and even marital status. But it is not different in a bar! The good thing about match is that the number of active members has no comparison with any other website. They might lie, but they are real and active, while Audult Friend Finder reports I have decided against. I have also blocked my credit card (required as an ID) as I understand from some reports that sometime they run it without consent. However.. I have avoided being ripped, and You may be happy to know Great (?) expectations is 2000 USD less rich thanks to your advice! Reviewed By T. N. Hadd Dallas Sex Male Rating ***** Date April 15, 2010 permalink Visit Great Audult Friend Finder on, is myglassishalf, if anyone would like to see what I am about – you all can form you own opinions. Don’t know how much longer I’ll be keeping my profile up anyway. Reviewed By Funny West Coast Sex Male Rating ***** Date April 27, 2006 permalink Visit I find the review of Anonymousinthecity quite funny. She seems to think that Match is going downhill – but in actually Audult Friend Finder these sites. I have an interesting test I am doing to really illustrate the kind of women who joind these sites. No they aren’t like us. Why: Men join dating sites because we hate the stress of the bar scene and figured online dating would be a more straight forward way to meet women. Women join the dating services because either they are really too hideous or too fat to get date OR they Audult Friend Finder