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your overweight, it would greatly improve your chances of meeting a decent guy if you made some effort to lose weight. Losing weight is difficult but a lot can be done by changing your diet, even without going hungry. Some of the women I talked to had absolutely no interest in losing weight and for this reason I had no interest in them. If I have a choice of going out with an overweight AudAlt Friend Finder I can guarantee that I will DO what I say I will do. This is one of the best scam companies I have ever encountered. Wow I feel better to able to vent- my checkbook still has the flu- but I will chalk it up to experience- If I could I would not even dignify them by providing any rating at all. Reviewed By Frank Houston Sex Male Rating ***** Date April 19, 2010 permalink Visit Great Expectations AudAlt Friend Finder Those are 2 different things. There is a difference between cat calls from guys on the streets, and receiving genuine interest from guys wanting to get to know me. I receive very little of that kind of attention in the real world. Fact is I don’t have many dating possibilities presented to me in the real world, as most of the people I know are attached and don’t know of other single guys. AudAlt Friend Finder a genius to pull it off. Glad you feel so good about yourself though, maybe dating sites are just not for everyone (but I’m sure you’ve thought of that too:)) Rejection sucks for anyone, but I would hope most of us are adult enough to deal with it and move on. Life is too short to worry about teaching people lessons who won’t get the message, now or ever. Yeah, I could think of a bigger AudAlt Friend Finder