that got the men when she was younger. I guess I probably seem shallow to women for not wanting to date someone that is overweight; however, two women made it clear they did not like short guys so it seems to go both ways. A few of the women expressed confusion as to why they could not meet someone and I was always to polite to say that, in part, its due to your extra weight. Ladies, if AsultFriendFinder putting together all sorts of events- there is little to no cost- I have met some great men and made some new friends from the woman I have met.- Many of the events/activities I attend is usually 25+people. It is a global organization. 9. It makes sense to me that GE can’t guarantee you will meet anyone. But they can guarantee their actions and what work they are doing for you. For my clients- AsultFriendFinder if they specify that age. Yet it I contact a guy maybe a few years younger than me, say 27, or 28, he considers me to be too old for him. It seemes to me that this is a double standard. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this? When I mentioned I receive positive attention just being out and about, that doesn’t necessarily translate into someone approaching me to ask me out on a date. AsultFriendFinder Major Tom Reviewed By don’t ask me please London Sex Female Rating ***** Date September 01, 2005 permalink Visit Lavalife Major Tom, you have some really MAJOR issues with women. Since when is it YOUR job to teach women lessons????? BTW I agree, this woman Tammy sounds shallow, actually sounds like some men I’ve talked to…….. anyone can play that game, on or offline, and it doesn’t take AsultFriendFinder