to. It would seem to me this might maybe mean something about these women (but I’m not sure what). Second, all of the women seemed pretty nice, but you could tell that many of them had some underlying anger. Third, physically, there was a certain profile of woman (roughly 3 out of 4) that I seemed to attract—very pretty, but also about 30-50 lbs overweight—not quite obese, but probably so AsdultFriendFinder I also want out of this contract and I am pursuing my options as long as it does not cost me an arm and leg like this service does. This company could redeem their reputation and also win a few of us to change our opinions about them by allowing us to back-out of the contract on a prorated basis. If they would have done this for me- My commentary would have been more like- GE is not the AsdultFriendFinder so that does away with the notion of me only considering male models. I consider myself FAR FROM BEING A SUPERMODEL, more the regular girl next door type and many of the guys I tried to get in touch with I would describe as being in a similar situation – cute guys -not male models. Is trying to get in touch with 75 gentleman being absurdly picky? That can only be your opinion so I’ll let AsdultFriendFinder out looking pissed off. Tammy never did email my alter ego asking what happened, so I will leave her be. Maybe this will be a lesson to her not to be such a golddigging superficial wench. Also it will prove to her that if it sounds too good to be true, most likely it is. Had she emailed my alter-ego back with an angry email, then she would have been told that she is not up to the caliber AsdultFriendFinder