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the eyes of women) are that I don’t make a high salary (less than 50,000/yr) and I’m not a home owner. I live in a metropolitan area of about 300,000 people. I definitely saw some trends: First, pretty much every women I talked to (about 7 first dates, 15 phone conversations) had her husband/significant other have affairs, sometimes multiple times. This was about 95% of the women I talked Alt Friend Frinder make my life easier? It has added more time in front of a computer screen which I do enough already- 5. The list of men they recommended either was not liked by me or visaversa. The one person that contacted me was 19 years older than me and was open about spending on his video that he spent 20 years in a state hospital- Does this qualify as something that is part of a backgroud check? 6. Alt Friend Frinder did to my review of Match. Well here are some facts to back up what I stated in response to his diatribe. I just did a count of the number of guys I contacted on over the last few months without a positive response and the tally was 75. I found 75 gentleman on the site that I thought I may be compatible with. Many of those 75 (by the way) did not have photos posted with their profiles, Alt Friend Frinder to this saga* Well according to a friend of mine, who works at the Restaraunt, Tammy did come in dressed up and actually looking quite good(hard to tell from her picture on this site). She ended up getting a table and waiting for about 45 minutes. Sh did end up asking one of the waiters if she has seen a guy fitting this Model’s description. He said no. She paid for her drink and walked Alt Friend Frinder