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By John Anywhere, USA Sex Male Rating ***** Date January 30, 2007 permalink Visit I was on Match for about 6 months and have decided to log off it; however, the experience for me was extremely eye-opening. Physically, I’m 45, tall (6’ 3”), slender, and have been usually described as good looking. I’m college educated, been told that I’m interesting but I suspect my weaknesses (in Alt Friend Finder her in weeks. 4. The sales pitch really leads you to believe there are justs tons of people out to meet “such a wonderful person as me” The club is supposed to be 60% men. I figured my odds were pretty good to meet people where we had similar interests, I suppose that is true but most of them are inactive and it is a waste of my time to scroll page after page of inactive people. Again.. Alt Friend Finder Dont you understand you are betting on a 1000 to 1 shot that a 25-27 year old man would be willing to make a long term realationship with you, compared to a 95% chance a 35-37 year old would? Get real! Reviewed By Anonymousinthecity Pittsburgh Sex Female Rating ***** Date April 27, 2006 permalink Visit I find it unfortunate that ‘Funny’ on the west coast posted the response he Alt Friend Finder things. And furthermore most women in Kelowna, B.C. Canada are golddigging superficial women. Too bad, really. Over and Out, Major Tom Reviewed By Major Tom Kelowna Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 02, 2005 permalink Visit Lavalife I hate having to use a new email address everytime I post, oh welL. Now onto the update: *See the second and thrid post below this one for the background Alt Friend Finder