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of women on these sites are thinking like this, you’re kidding yourselves…and with 15 males signing up everyday compared to 1 female, who can blame them? Just come to terms with this and use Match as a supplemental dating tool, not as your sole method of meeting women. Maybe you’ll meet that same woman in a bar tonight that didn’t return your well-written, funny, and unique email. Reviewed Aldut Friend Finder again, they said I should have called to find out how many were attending. I was never told this was protocol. Who is the customer here? Isn’t this the service that claims it will simplfy my life? 3. I really like all the staff I have met- they appear to be sincere, but since the membership rep knows how unhappy I am- she was going to make me her “special project”- I have not heard from Aldut Friend Finder look like a 20 year old, and thats clearly what men 25-30 are looking for – you said so yourself! If you continue to pursue men who are looking for girls that are 10 years younger than you, you can expect to fail. Its common for men to look for girls a few years younger than themselves, but men VERY RARELY seriously consider a girl 5-7 years older than themselves for a serious relationship. Aldut Friend Finder never really get a hobest chance with a woman because she is chasing after the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, only to find out when she is 40, that there is not pot of gold. Online dating doesn’t work for us attractive but normal looking guys. If you aren’t Brad Pitt or Antanio Banderas, then don’t waste your time. You’ll have a beter chance meeting women just doing everyday recreational Aldut Friend Finder