to the allure of the “perfect” man eventually falling into her lap, that it’s not personal, and that perhaps she really isn’t interested in meeting anyone more than she is in getting attention and/or “hoping” for what “might” appear the next day, as in “oh wait,” she says…”he’s cute, sounds nice, but what IF someone ‘better’ shows up in the next few days?” Guys, if you don’t think a lot AldultFriendFinder the one event I attended and only one which I paid 30 dollars for- It was an event at a comedy club- there was 2 women and the GE staff person. 3 people total. Isn’t this where men and women get together. The 30 dollar cost was to help fund appetizers. Since the group was so small, I was told to order off the menu.The 30 dollars bought me a greasy hamburger with catsup packets. When I complained AldultFriendFinder have progressed according to how I knew they must. No surprises there. Reviewed By Funny West Sex Male Rating ***** Date April 27, 2006 permalink Visit Fine I will address the age issue. You are 32 years old, your highest chance of finding a man who would be seriously interested in you for a relationship would be between the ages of 35 and 40. You are dreaming if you think you AldultFriendFinder I am, or of the character I have. You have no right to judge me the way you have – and I know nothing of your so called friends. What you did was immature and really dumb. You missed out on meeting someone EXACTLY OPPOSITE of who THOUGHT youwere meeting. You are clearly not who you say you are. You are not worth my time.” So this whole adventure was for the benefit of all of us guys who AldultFriendFinder