are in the next 12 months). I haven’t made up these statistics; they come from “The Woman’s Almanac and Book of Facts” (page 17) “Age” and “Percent of Women Who Will Ever Marry”: 25 – 78.5% 30 – 55.3% 35 – 34.3% 40 – 20.2% 45 – 11.3% 50 – 6.1% 55 – forget it. Some of you may think “But I have YEARS before I have to worry about this”. Wrong. I assure you that you will be there in the blink AdultFrirendFinder went online to research it and it turns out to be the parent company of GE. Well all I could think of is that they were trying to collect something from me since I canceled my credit card when I filled the complaints. Reluctantly I went to the post office to pick it up and to my surprise, there was a check for the entire $1,500 I paid them with no letter or explanation. It was mailed from AdultFrirendFinder that you’re going to meet someone, all the while wasting your money for years? There used to be a way to check out when a profile was created, but I think that Match changed some programming configurations. Make sure you sort the profiles not just by activity date, but by newest profile. Stay away from the man whose profile is on the last few pages, but his profile is still active. Stay AdultFrirendFinder night at a restaurant and then stood me up! Well about 6 weeks later he messages me again as if he’s never ever talked to me before, when I lambasted him for his rudeness and inconsideration, he had the gall to tell me he’s never ever talked to me before, even though I told him his hotmail address, his cell phone number, knew all about his work, his home, etc, because he told me all of this, AdultFrirendFinder