battle for men. But really, is that any different in a bar or a club? Not in my experience. I know that I’ve been lucky enough to date several women who are “out of my league” physically whom I’ve met offline. Unfortunately that makes me think I can keep looking for women like that! (Now that’s some real truth serum talking!) I’ve had to become more open-minded and realize that a) looks AdultFrinendFinder that picky. I highly recommend this site, to any GI stationed overseas. Adultfriendfinder can be a great cross-reference tool for women, who use mainstream personals sites. I have found that many men who use a mainstream sites will also use Adultfriendfinder. As you can imagine, they are looking for a relationship on the mainstream site and sex on Adultfriendfinder. Also, Adultfriendfinder AdultFrinendFinder to female ratio. I could email 10 women and get 1 response. Now, I send out 25 emails to get one response, it’s not worth the work. Also, the only women that initiate contact with me come in 3 categories: Foreign women (mostly Russian), fake ads and the least attractive women. I can smell a fake ad a mile away. It was interesting to read some of the bad experiences that women wrote here. AdultFrinendFinder myself in “Intimates” and still hear nothing, I’ll know that I should just bury the hatchet. Reviewed By AJ Alberta Sex Female Rating ***** Date November 11, 2005 permalink Visit Lavalife It’s been a good experience. I enjoy it but I hate the instant messaging system. Lavalife has enabled me to expand my circle, meet new people and try new experiences (like eating smoked salmon pizza, mmmmmmm). AdultFrinendFinder