on any dating website (if they are serious about finding a guy). Allow me to add an additional reason why you “can’t find a nice guy”. It is that your acceptable target age range is too narrow, particularly with regard to men your senior. It is well documented that males (of any species) are hard-wired to seek out the most nubile, the most fecund (read: “young”) females available. This is from Great Expectations. It took me minute to realize that I was talking to the same company :-). WHAT CROOKS !!!!!!! thank you all so very much for posting these reviews and I am so thankful that I was led to this website before signing any documents and paying out any monies. It is my sincere prayer that each and everyone of you are refunded the monies that were stolen from you by these What! NO PROFILE! WTF!!! To me is a SCAM! Seems like every now and then they send out fake winks or emails to people who haven’t subscribed yet just to lure them in and get suckers like me to subscribe. Gotta hand it to them, I guess they got me. Maybe others had better luck than me at but if you ask me, I would definately NOT recommend this site. I think it’s a scam. 21, 2005 permalink Visit Lavalife Well I’ve read several comments on this site now from men who have been slighted by women on lavalife and who have beefs about honesty and such and I felt compelled to respond with my own opinions. Just like women who are fake, who don’t respond to e-mails, who block etc.,… let me tell you there are men who do the same thing!! Just like women stretch the