in his profile that he liked camping, and you write in your profile that you like camping, she assumes that you’re just like him. Internet dating is mostly a scam designed to take advantage of lonely people. Reviewed By ohplease so cal Sex Female Rating ***** Date July 16, 2006 permalink Visit When are we all going to stop blaming the member of the opposite sex (to some degree) By Bill N. Houston, TX Sex Male Rating ***** Date June 14, 2004 permalink Visit Friend Finder Ick! Where shall I begin? The quantity and quality of the singles is low compared with other sites. The cupid matching feature has been broken for over a year (it seems to ignore certain criteria when matching). It costs money to do most anything on the site, including browse ads. Save your money any non-verbal cues to tell if they are really interested in you. I think this leads to a lot of false expectations like what we see in Hollywood films. People who think they are meeting the love of their life may be disappointed. My advice is to avoid online dating or use it in conjunction with meeting people in real life at work, school, activities, etc…. There is no subsitute for meeting definately looking up a huge mountain with a long way to go!!! Anyway…tell me about what you do! Tammy I am a business man who owns a string of restaurants in Vancouver and am now expanding to Kelowna. In my free time, I love to travel to various tropical and semi-tropical locations such as Hawaii, Puerto Vallarta, Southeast Asia, and occasionally Australia(as I was born and grew up there).