to. Also, the sites are full of trolling perverts, especially old geezers who are trying to date yonger women. So the women often get crude, offensive e-mails from douche bags who would never approach them in real life. Women then begin to believe that all men on these sites are scum looking for easy sex with braindead bimbos. If she has a bad date with some guy off the site, and he wrote , he was charged many times in court ,and he is a real cyber criminal check and PICKY WOMAN of course there is 20% of real females profiles , but they get so much emails ,that make ugly fat woman belive that she is Cindy Crawford or Claudia Schiffer avoid these women , they will make you very disappointed if you try to date them. eric Reviewed over the past 4 years, only one of which got past to a second date, which eventually ended a few months later. I believe that the basic problem with as well as all online dating is that the chemistry you think you have with someone when you converse online with them through email or chat or even on the phone can be entirely different when you meet them in person. You don’t get the conversations that could last for hours and I learn something! I work hard…but I can also play hard. I try to keep balance in my life….and know what is not so good about me…and still think its ok!!! I love adventure, and challenging myself. I love what I do for a living…but would like to find a way to work for myself and achieve all of those goals I have set…however,…I am