If you send out 100 e-mails and winks, only 3-5 of the women will even be able to read your e-mail, let alone respond. The rest are not paying members, and are waiting for paying members to IM them. The ratio of men to good looking women is more like 50-100 to 1. Women who have good photos receive hundreds of e-mails a week. They won’t even read most of them. They scan for the good photos AdultFrinendFinder. such as (Romania or Russia (to save cost of course) these people ‘s job is to make you believe that there are alot of cute women out there who wants you !!! and eventually they convince you to sign up with their services , my company employs around 25 of these people secretly and without contract , and there are no evidence about their existence MAN TO WOMAN RATIO REACH 300/1 LEVEL IN SOME AdultFrinendFinder. the women who you try to make contact with. A lot of big cities have singles activities groups that do informal types of events. I’m looking at doing that instead. Yeah they cost money, but so does joining these dating sites and waiting across cyberspace for someone to send you an email. A quality single person who has something to offer just needs to find opportunities to meet other singles AdultFrinendFinder. for any self-respecting guy. She could be into Strap-ons and that’s why she’s single. Basically, there is a reason someone is 36yo and still single. Reviewed By Major Tom Kelowna Sex Male Rating ***** Date September 25, 2005 permalink Visit Lavalife Now for the emails to my fake profile THE MODEL BUSINESSMAN and out emails back and forth: You inspire me. Do you like sailing? Tom Thank you!! AdultFrinendFinder.