July 20, 2006 permalink Visit First of all, I think this forum has gotten a little bit off topic in that it has become a rant-fest for angry men and women to bash the opposite gender. I think I speak for most (all?) of us when I say that I’ve been hurt by the opposite sex (women) before, but I don’t let it make me bitter. You sound immature and needy when you try to prop yourself AdultFrindsFinder luck on this site is generally in his early to mid 30’s (the women who use Adultfriendfinder want experience), single, well-endowed (+8″ member), and athletic (nothing short of a male-stripper). As you can imagine, there is a huge demand for athletic Black Men. If you are a guy and aren’t part of this exclusive crowd, you will probably be wasting your time on Adultfriendfinder. Unless you AdultFrindsFinder activity date, so I can eliminate all the hits inactive over 3 weeks old? If I have made someone a favorite, why can’t the search results let me know this, instead of inadvertently trying to favorite them again only to be notified that they are already one of your favorites. As others have mentioned the male to female ratio is skewed heavily in the females favor. I think this makes it very AdultFrindsFinder November 21, 2005 permalink Visit Lavalife Pros: I like the credit system, it means you are permitted to only pay for actual communications on their system, not for the time you spend being a member on their site. Also that you can write back free to another person’s email. I like the category sytem-very good idea to place one’s self in the relationship that they’re looking for. Too bad AdultFrindsFinder