matched me with women that I had a few things in common with and I could decide if I thought there was potential. If I liked the picture and profile, I simply selected 5 multiple choice questions for her to answer. If she responded great, if not, I saved a lot of time. I appreciated that there was a minimal time investment until we both had decided to investigate the possibilities further. AdultFrindFinder endowed and can go all night. Also, there are alot of middle-aged BBW’s on this site. Then, there are the few naive college girls in their 20’s. However, it’s hard to distinguish between the ones who are real college girls and the ones who are fake. College educated single women, in their mid to upper 20’s and 30’s are virtually non-existent on this site. As you know, you will find these AdultFrindFinder guys I have chatted with have described themselves as “typical horny men”. The first contact sex was a topic brought up by all three. Trust me… I didn’t ask for that in my profile either. I just want a decent, loving, funny, respectful guy that I am attracted to. The guy I did go out with never called again. He said he wanted to go out and wanted to hear from me again. He must have just AdultFrindFinder times and finally I mentioned in my profiles not to send a smile if you aren’t interested. Well that didn’t work (should have known). Next I put it in upper case letters so as to be unmitakable in my opening line, my first opening line rejection email was the reply. Had one person send me a smile so that I would message her as it turns out she wanted to tell me how much she hated my opening AdultFrindFinder