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I think that I was a bit of a challenge for eHarmony. I live out in the middle of nowhere. I don’t think there are 1000 people within 10 miles of me. Still, I found a wonderful woman that loves me for who I am. What more can a guy ask for? I know when I first started my eHarmony experience, I wish I had the benefit of some thoughtful advice. I have spent a lot of time considering our eHarmony AdultFrindFinder com women on Do fake female profiles help or hinder Adultfriendfinder? Well, they certainly attract more male customers. Still, if a guys gives one of these many fakes his email address, he will get spammed. Fake profiles are easy to spot. Usually, there will be one model quality pic and a short or too good to be true text. Also, alot of the women on Adultfriendfinder are strippers AdultFrindFinder com not been into me! (Women out there, you must read “He’s Just Not That Into You”. It is a good read for figuring out men. Unfortunately with I don’t have to worry much about figuring out men, because the men I am hearing from are not worth meeting anyway. LOL… Reviewed By DW Washington, DC Sex Male Rating ***** Date June 01, 2006 permalink Visit Luckily for AdultFrindFinder com line. Lava changed it’s payment policy, instead of charging more, they increased the needed credits, so anyone that had credits got screwed frankly. We had 30 days to use them up. This is why lava now has a credit system that doesn’t match messages. Like so many others I am still with 2 credits and will never buy more. I have profiles in Dating and intimate encounters, seems some here think AdultFrindFinder com