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weeks. I am happy with the experience so far, and find a lot of the criticism on these forums either worthwhile or sour-grapes. I’ve had 3 face2face dates with really nice women; one was clearly out of my league. Remember, it takes a week or so to get up and running. I’ve also progressed from email to phone with 2 more. But my question is with Yahoo v. Match. Does Yahoo have the same system AdultFrienedFinder mobile 98+% of the highly attractive ones are fake porno-type scams (but they are fairly easy to spot). 60+% of the attractive ones are only there for other women. 50+% are significantly overweight. 20+% have multiple profile. 75+% don’t have any pictures in their profiles. 90+% don’t pay for membership. To sum it up, this means the amount of REAL STRAIGHT WOMEN is very small. Of that amount, many AdultFrienedFinder mobile on eHarmony. I think its because if the system matches you with someone, you actually take the time to consider them. Plus, the system doesn’t throw hundreds of matches your way at one time. They gradually feed you matches. Also, you can close or hold communication at anytime, especially if they have an incomplete profile or no pictures. Anyways, I think that eHarmony is great because you AdultFrienedFinder mobile search logic is pretty messed up. In my local searches I get a majority of women in British Columbia. That is just not “local” to where I live in the Seattle area. To get a real local search you have to do a lot of fiddling with the custom search interface. I messaged back and forth with a few women and it didn’t end up in any dates. One of them wanted to screen me in a Yahoo IM session AdultFrienedFinder mobile