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up…be sincere..when you meet a girl you like and she likes you GET OFF THE SITE…this could be so easy if people would just let it. Be honest, if you are TAKEN dont place a profile…treat people like you want to be treated. Reviewed By 24Tango Dallas Sex Male Rating ***** Date July 27, 2006 permalink Visit I’m in my 50’s and have been on (ie paid money) Match for about 2-3 AdultFrienedFinder member login profiles and tried sending a good amount of emails as well as a lot of time in the chat room (which is probably your best, and only chance of actually meeting anyone on there). Here are some stats on adultfriendfinder (numbers are roughly estimated based on what i’ve seen): a male/female ratio of around 50:1. Nearly all emails you receive will be from gay guys or trannies. of the women: AdultFrienedFinder member login is just thrown in a room and you are set to fend for yourself. So that means people are going to visually judge you on your picture and what your profile says. Not a very good thing for us guys who are easy on the eyes, but not an Abercrombie model! eHarmony is great because I think its the attitude of the people it attracts. I think of myself as a decent looking guy and I do much better AdultFrienedFinder member login that the guys on LL keep a score card. Reviewed By David Seattle Sex Male Rating ***** Date April 21, 2006 permalink Visit Lavalife This site is okay. The biggest problem is the bad layout and crammed website design. You can’t use the back button on this site either. I don’t have a problem with the “pay as you go model” where you buy credits rather than a recurring subscription. The local AdultFrienedFinder member login