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dumb-ass game of emails when there is no connection physically at all. If you don’t have a picture don’t expect a response. That is not unreasonable or unfair. My final comment: many of the reviews on here seem to be from those who have some real issues with rejection. If you can’t run with the big dogs stay on the porch. Online dating is not for the weary or faint of heart. Gut it up and AdultFriendrFinders login a woman who can’t get any while out in public all of a sudden becomes a goddess on any of these websites. Any time she has a whim for a guy, she’s right in front of that computer logging into some site. All the cock coming her way, what’s a girl to do???? Good luck to all of you and I hope all who reads this review has a happy sex life. Reviewed By aa US Sex Female Rating ***** Date August AdultFriendrFinders login an e-mail, but they charge your credit card immediately. Anyone else have a similar experience? Reviewed By Dennis Chicago Sex Male Rating ***** Date June 20, 2006 permalink Visit What I’m about to say is going to piss some people off. Some will think that my words are common sense; others will find them refreshing and humorous. I’m tired of being nice, so let’s cut to the chase AdultFriendrFinders login email messages about employment, home life, and expectations, even if sex is the main objective. Real people still enjoy sex. 3. meet almost right away – within a week or less. It is impossible to judge someone over cyberspace. 4. be very honest about what I like but make no claims on what the man should be like or do for me 5. visit for an hour or two and ask at the end if they are interested AdultFriendrFinders login