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waste her time with a bunch of emails–Don’t ask her to send you a bunch of emails at your personal email address. Stop sending us winks and get off your lazy ass and send an email. Sending a wink tells a woman that you don’t think she is worth the effort of an email. If you want to ask her out do it and do it promptly. Don’t post a profile without a picture. Why should we have to play this AdultFriendrFinders on a scale of 1 to 10, and all of these women have been in their early 20’s. In the end, I usually dump these women because the “R” word always comes into the picture. I know most guys come away from AFF empty handed, and they’re frustrated as hell. AFF is a hard site to use if you’re a guy, but if you’re a woman who’s at least a 5 you’ll do well on AFF. That’s the way internet dating is… AdultFriendrFinders I wasn’t aware that he would not even be able to VIEW my e-mail unless he paid to subscribe AND if he doesn’t subscribe within the next 30 days, he will never get my message. How is he even supposed to know that I’m worth the subscription fee if he can’t even see my profile? Oh and by the way, apparently it takes at least 7 days to approve your profile, at least 2 days to deliver AdultFriendrFinders Rating ***** Date May 20, 2006 permalink Visit Lavalife I have met some really wonderful men on LL, and have had several great loves. Honest, caring, emotionally stable, etc. LL has a very large clientele – the more choice the better. Everyone has their own strategy to try and achieve success. Mine is to 1. skip the instant messaging – one liners are a waste of time. 2. exchange a few forthright AdultFriendrFinders