factor on match? You bet. It is rude for a guy to not respond at all to an email or wink. Match makes it real easy to just say “no thanks.” You guys bitch about the females’ profiles–well what about yours? “Jeans and tuxedo” crap should be deleted automatically. “Cuddling, kissing and public dislays of affection” and another mindless dribble are also bullshit. Women don’t care about whether of the site, and the fact they update the user interface from time to time. Also, I haven’t had any problems with their billing, and when I’ve asked for a refund they gave it to me. If the site didn’t load so damn slow I would give them another star. As for the 5th star they’ll never get that because of the lopsided user ratio; that’s something they’ll never change because I’m sure a lot Maida Goodman 214.576.3269 Reviewed By Steve Ohio Sex Male Rating ***** Date June 29, 2006 permalink Visit Hey I pay you $30 for 1 month of service. I write to a dozen women. Chances are none of those women will ever see those e mails because they have to be paying members also to read the email that I sent. Tell me, What service have you given the money i spent, if they could not i would receive free service for the rest of my life plus my out of pocket expenses to this point…no they have not replied yet…that was two weeks ago. out of curiosity did you know i can open an account as a woman and no one knows…so guys you could be spending money to talk to some pissed off guy like me who now just wants to get his money’s worth