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english and couldnt name the area of SW London!! Same as the next girl…. from Finland, in Ghana with poor poor english. She eventually admited to being fake then dissappeared REAL fast. Photo was a studio photo resized to a tiny size. There are more like this, but theres not enough space to tell you all. Please note… all of these girls contacted me….not vice versa. SAVE YOUR MONEY AdultFriendrFinder en espanol that the site is complete rip-off, all the women are fakes, etc., etc. I take these people to be Christian fundamentalists outraged that sex is going on. But the biggest thing to watch out for are the preditors–women out to blackmail married men, women who are diseased but claim to be “Disease free and tested regularly,” and–surprisingly–women pretending to be married who are actually AdultFriendrFinder en espanol men’s reviews and how they write these very lovely emails to some gal they fancy and then get flustered when no reply comes, not even one to tell them they aren’t interested. It’s true that few people in this day and age live by the golden rule. However, when they aren’t paying, what are you going to do? Do what I do. If you must send an email, keep it simple. Say something like, “Hi, I AdultFriendrFinder en espanol tool for finding men online. I now live with a wonderful man that I met my first night on lava. We didn’t move in together right away, of course, but we took the time on lava to get to know each other, met one night, had a great time. We continued our relationship but still used lava for meeting other people and have had some interesting sexual adventures. I still use lava to this day and AdultFriendrFinder en espanol