12, 2006 permalink Visit I must respond to the male/female bashing out there. I have been on match since 02/17/05. Today is 08/12/06 and I have had over 8,000 hits on my profile. Of those, I went out with 36 guys and actually had 3 serious relationships. The men were generally nice. Ten of the 36 lied about their age. Five of the 36 lied about their physical appearance. Two lied AdultFriendrFinder.c om January 19, 2007 permalink Visit Friend Finder -Actually it should be negative. FAKENESS all over. Here’s the deal: when you get emails that a person is interested, she (or whoever)refers you to a web site where you have to pay money for. So they get a commission then. I don’t know if AFF even posts the fake-a-rooney pics. There could be just a handful of people that gather random girl pics AdultFriendrFinder.c om Thanks. Reviewed By lonelyindc Washington, DC Sex Male Rating ***** Date July 02, 2006 permalink Visit To notlonely in Alabama, you’ve met 37 women in 4 months???? I’ve read countless reviews of guys sending out hundreds of emails and maybe getting one response back. I myself have sent out many emails, with very few replys back. So you expect us to believe you have met almost 10 AdultFriendrFinder.c om spend credits. how is this for funny…after complaining to lavalife that the site is a joke all of a suddent the women who i sent messages too replied…tell me that they are not employess of lava. spent $120.00 to get two contacts who i have never seen turn me down…who knows what they look like profiles are double standard, a man can not say the exact same thing that a woman can. as AdultFriendrFinder.c om