Visit Match is sooo frustrating. I am over 40…so already I am sunk. I look better than girls in there 20’s. I am petite and have been called gorgeous, beautiful etc. One guy I went out with one time..he emailed me the next day..this is what it said: Hi…you are just to sexy and beautiful for me and all I could think about was taking you to bed and I dont think thats what you AdultFrienedFinde Visit Friend Finder A few rules to follow if you’re an adultfriendfinder user. 1. Do not sign up to AFF if you live in a small town. AFF only works for people who live in large cities. The member ratio is horrible. There are 50 men to 1 woman on this site. The other thing to watch are the fake female profiles. 2. Use a disposable email address with AFF. Once you cancel your membership FF AdultFrienedFinde the old fashioned way…approach them in public. Your success rate will be higher than waiting on some chick from some dating website to write you back after you took time out to write her flaky ass a message. If you think something’s holding you back or preventing you from achieving success with women, then get those problems corrected if you can. If you’re a woman and you’re overweight AdultFrienedFinde asking an attractive man out? If YOU are as great as you think you are, you wouldn’t need the internet in the first place. Internet dating has been a scam since it’s inception that targets the losers of society. You can bilk the desperate over and over, it seems. This is in contrast to a REAL marriage agency that costs real money to join and sends losers that can’t be matched right back AdultFrienedFinde