that because you have something to hide? Most men have nothing more that mug shots and pictures from the DMV on their profiles. So–complaining about the women is bullshit. Guys if you want a date, then ask a women for her phone number in an email, call her promptly and go from there. Don’t send her your phone number and expect her to call you. You are the ones who are supposed to initiate–not AdultFriendFriendFinder to skip past the hamburger and fries. Anyone’s success on this site depends on what they look like and what they’re looking for on that site. If you’re in demand by the group that seeks you, you’ll enjoy a lot of success on that site. Reviewed By Max Germany Sex Male Rating ***** Date May 14, 2007 permalink Visit Friend Finder Well AFF now there is a theme. Fake or not Fake. Well let’s face AdultFriendFriendFinder Visit In reality, we cannot directly blame the dating services for the state of online dating. Most of it is down to the kinds of people infesting it. Can they do anything to make it better? Yes, they can, but I don’t believe you would have as many people willing to pay the large price tag that would come with it. Besides, while it would be possible to eliminate a lot of the dishonesty AdultFriendFriendFinder that they could not post my profile becasue they could not post profiles which included certain words.I thought,what?I didn’t include anything offensive,no “dirty words” nor any racist remarks,nor personal contact info such as an email address.Reading a bit further I found out the reason it could not be posted was(and I kid you not)was because I mentioned Rush Limbaugh?WTF!?I know not everyone AdultFriendFriendFinder