being in a similar situation – cute guys -not male models. Is trying to get in touch with 75 gentleman being absurdly picky? That can only be your opinion so I’ll let you decide that for yourself. I also find it disappointing that ‘Funny’ on the west coast did not address the age issue. Does anyone else find it disheartening that men close to my age, early 30’s, etc. are thinking about dating AdultFriendFinder is no one in my area. So when I saw that there was many bi girl on this site and in my area I jumped a bought the 17.99 membership. I could not even get a half-decent profile. They kept dining my pictures saying they were violating their terms. The pictures were of my face and nothing else, I could see if my face was hideous but I am very attractive. I wrote customer service and they said AdultFriendFinder you’re way off on that one. I’m a single mom and I’ve never “had” to date a divorced dad, not to say I wouldn’t, just haven’t come across one I’d want. The men I have dated, (some who were younger) were great guys who had no problem with my being divorced with children. They weren’t desperate losers who didn’t have any other choice, either. They’re attractive, smart, successful men and I’m AdultFriendFinder nerdy, you are really better off networking via a social/sporting/hobby club. Reviewed By blossom new york Sex Female Rating ***** Date December 12, 2007 permalink Visit Lavalife After reading Tim’s review, I felt sick to my stomach. I am a victim of an online dating addict, and as funny as that may sound, it was a very painful experience. Tim spoke the truth about the whole scenario, even AdultFriendFinder