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of Christian, are they this age, do they have kids, etc, do they like tacos, etc. You just take the person at face value – the way it should be. By the way, my handle on, is myglassishalf, if anyone would like to see what I am about – you all can form you own opinions. Don’t know how much longer I’ll be keeping my profile up anyway. Reviewed By Funny West Coast Sex Male Rating AdultFriendFinder member login Date July 15, 2009 permalink Visit Friend Finder *THIS REVIEW IS FOR ADULT FRIEND FINDER* I wanted to write a brief review of a site not listed on eDateReview. (And I appreciate the opportunity to do so). There is an adult dating site called Adult Friend Finder. The most FRAUDULENT, FAKE PROFILE, COMMERCIAL DRIVEN SITE ON THE NET. The owner’s will email you fake emails in order to have you AdultFriendFinder member login who is a paid member or not. I was a member last year and spent hours typing well crafted emails and come to find out they may or may not have been read. The $5 feature of has it been read was not available at the time. IMHO this is blatant fraud and should warrant FTC intervention. But back to my original point, this business of age. Call me crazy but I truly prefer to date women my own AdultFriendFinder member login business for changing your rate plan. You deserve it! Reviewed By T-Bone Houston, TX Sex Male Rating ***** Date December 07, 2007 permalink Visit Lavalife Lava used to be the “least dreadful” of the services. As of 1 September 2007, without warning, they changed their website and shut out customers like me who have certain computers and browsers. I sent increasingly intense requests; their AdultFriendFinder member login