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world. Fact is I don’t have many dating possibilities presented to me in the real world, as most of the people I know are attached and don’t know of other single guys. But I am looking to change my mindset by putting myself more out there in the real world. Fact is when you meet someone face to face in person in the real world, you’re initial thoughts are not does this person check a ‘box’ AdultFriendFinder english month. So I took all bank info out I check my bank statement this month they charge me again .I went to their site and to my surprise my bank info was their and it was turn on again .I had to call my bank and get a bank card when i call them same thing they offer me extra i month told them to stick it I delete my account beware of this site Reviewed By Sam L. Philly, PA Sex Male Rating ***** AdultFriendFinder english permalink Visit OK, I read Wiseman’s review and felt I have to chime in from a male point of view. Although the human race is far from perfect, we always by nature want what we cannot have or easily obtain. True, it is much harder for a guy on Match given that women will get lots of emails and can be choosy. Also, what really pisses me off about Match is this crap of not knowing AdultFriendFinder english able to have months on end to revue, search and pair down to a small selection appropriate people who at some point you would like to contact. Nobody knows when somebody interesting will show up so is Lavalife expecting one to have to keep a open active account at XXX dollars a month just in case? No way. I hope you pay the ultimate price of loosing severe market share until you go out of AdultFriendFinder english