By Leslie Los Angeles, Calif Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 09, 2006 permalink Visit Match has the same bunch of guys to choose from on there forever. It may be the same for the women, but I cannot comment on that. But I want to share something with you, especially with women, that is truly scary. Are you doing this online dating behind your lover’s back? Are you, heaven forbid, AdultFriendFiender to go before you do. They have people working very hard to keep you convinced that you made, at least a half way good decision to join. Are you ready for this?: My female friend and I decided to conduct a little experiment with this site. Her and I know each other for years, and have a very nice and simple intimate relationship. We both started profiles on this site, within the same area, AdultFriendFiender No extensive list of your accomplishments (Harvard PhD, 150 IQ, testimonials from friends about how “sweet” you are, etc) can overcome nature’s program. Men can’t (and don’t have to) justify it. Let’s just say that, for example, the often listed (inane) quality in women’s profiles “I love to laugh” is NOT the thing that attracts men and has resulted in the six billion people on this earth. AdultFriendFiender apply to the site. Girls being optimistic about their weight, putting ‘few extra pounds’ or ‘average’ when they are clearly VERY overweight, forcing one to untick the FEW (and I stress FEW) extra pounds box. To be fair, alot of men tick ‘muscular’ or ‘athletic’ when they have visible beer guts, so it does cut both ways. From personal experience, I have found with LL and all others that one AdultFriendFiender