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female in the Twin Cities. Reviewed By Some Guy USA Sex Male Rating ***** Date May 10, 2006 permalink Visit This is in response to the last person who submitted a comment. You should be honest with whomever you’re pursuing a relationship with in the first place. You shouldn’t have to worry about “getting caught”, because you shouldn’t be doing things of that sort, anyway. Reviewed AdultFriendField net against this site, and even more amazing that people continue to join up to check it out anyway. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND YOUR TIME…This site is designed to lure you in, surrender your CC info, and then play you out until you’re dry. The entire site is built on a pre-orchestrated and ridiculously predictable outcome scenario. In other words, they know how your first month of membership is going AdultFriendField net your acceptable target age range is too narrow, particularly with regard to men your senior. It is well documented that males (of any species) are hard-wired to seek out the most nubile, the most fecund (read: “young”) females available. This is true from insects to humans, from African tribes to Boston bluebloods, from cave men to today’s men. Check your anthropology and zoology textbooks. AdultFriendField net filter out women one has already smiled at, forcing one to wade through scores of pics, Doesnt keep track of total smiles sent to received ratio, the LL ‘party’isnt geo based, so ergo pointless, poor profile weeding out in ‘intimate’ sections, girls posting profiles that state ” I dont want sex/nsa” etc (so why the HELL are they on intimates for???!) Other than that, the usual ups and downs AdultFriendField net