site (I don’t mean all men who use this service, but for the men who I met in my area). After 6 months on Match, I decided to cancel my subscription…partly out of boredom, partly out of disgust, and mostly because it’s a waste of my hard earned money. I don’t have any regrets, because it’s been an interesting learning experience. So… here are some lessons learned: 1) A lot of people AdultFriend August 19, 2010 permalink Visit Friend Finder First off, I am a guy. Secondly this site is a SCAM SCAM SCAM!! Ladies, I have this site firgured out…..women say they cant keep up with emails and they complain about being treated badly and meeting scary guys. Its just the opposite for men. We get the same emails (litteraly) over and over, but you never get anywhere. I cant prove it but I AdultFriend ego and they become addicted to the attention. To summarize: The longer an attractive girl is on Match, the less serious she is going to take you. Avoid the girls with the ‘My Space’ glamor shots. You know the self-portraits of them looking sexy into the camera while they stand in the bathroom. Why? Because simply, they’re attention whores of the worst kind. Because the meat market design AdultFriend in your writing, don’t bother signing up for anything other than eharmony- a site which sets up mutual matches/ selected one to one communications. On most sites the ratios are so bad that even a half-decent looking girl is made to be a Victoria’s Secret model, and she’ll probably have 75-150 e-mails in her inbox. The really hot ones will simply hide their profiles, and give me their e-mail AdultFriend