AdultFriend Finder

who use this site have been on it for YEARS. And I don’t mean 1 or 2 years, but 3-5 years!! . Get a life – if it’s not working for you, why would you continue to hold on to that flagrant bit of hope that you’re going to meet someone, all the while wasting your money for years? There used to be a way to check out when a profile was created, but I think that Match changed some programming AdultFriend Finder think this site is run by a group of men who want to get laid, and thats ALL they care about. Why is that all the stories you read………male members never meet any women, yet female members over swamped with offers? Many women report when they do meet a guy he is scary, rude, and even worse gives them an STD. Think about it………it common sense now that I have been a member of the AdultFriend Finder of Match only makes attention whores worse. Look for the women who have photos of themselves taken by someone else. Younger women are easier than older. Ok so that’s pretty vague but from my experience you’ll get further on a date with a younger girl than you will with an older. Once girls reach their late 20’s and into their 30’s they’re looking for a man to marry. Even if they say otherwise; AdultFriend Finder address so we can communicate off of the site. Unless you’ve channeled Hemingway, or are clever and funny while not coming off as weird (yes, most of the best looking ones can be extremely judgmental), you aren’t likely to get a response. Ratios are bad online, etc. I once had a date on my arm walking in downtown La Jolla (when I lived in San Diego), and about 150 dudes were outside of this AdultFriend Finder