I sent about 20 emails and received 0 replies. Then I expanded my search distance. More emails, still no responses. I finally searched with a radius of up to 100 miles. To date I have sent out over 60 emails and have received 0 responses. I started to think I was ugly. I asked friends and have been rated from a 7 to a 9 (i got a 7.3 on I also own my own business and have a AdultFrien As with most dating services, they offer a free membership option, although there are thousands of reports of problems with the free and paid memberships. A free membership allows members to only edit their own profile but not communicate with other members, which requires a Silver or Gold paid membershipÂ… In 2004 and 2005 the Ripoff Report published a report written by a former employee AdultFrien NOT PAYING MEMBERS. I said “are you telling me that has 14,980,000 paying members?” SHE SAID “YES” I explained it all again and she gave the the same figures. WHAT A LIE !! Thats almost $4.5 Billion per year in revenue just from subscriptions. I`m sure she told me that to convince me to get a subscription when my free 3 day pass expires. What scummy people! Reviewed By aMan Middle AdultFrien aren`t even recognized, which leads me to believe they are fake profiles. Alot of Russian women infiltrating the site as well. A waste of time and money. I doubt they will be around much longer. I`m going to Reviewed By dave north carolina Sex Male Rating ***** Date May 12, 2010 permalink Visit Lavalife For guys, Eric brings up a great point. NEVER join a site which is free for AdultFrien